which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.

St Mary's Church Records

St Mary's was also known as St Michael's

General information
Quick visitor's guide Vicars of Crich Plan of Churchyard Photo Album  
Ecclesiastical Documents
Visitations 1558, 1570 & 1573 Visitation 1623 Visitation 1636 Visitation 1639 Inquisition 1650
Bishop's Visitation 1772 Glebe Terrier 1810 Visitation 1823–4  
Baptisms, marriages and burials
Names – A Names – B Names – C Names – D Names – E
Names– F Names – G Names – H Names – I J Names – K
Names – L Names – M Names – N Names – O Names – P
Names – R Names – S Names – T Names – U V Names – W Y
BMD at St Mary's 1913–1925 Newspaper BMD      
Sue Brown Marriage Index

Groom order
Crich Parish

Bride order
Crich Parish
Groom order
Out of Parish

Bride Order
Out of Parish

Miscellaneous Church Records
Burials 1947 Wm. Piggin Burial Record      
Burial Plots
Burials A1–57 Burials B1–65 Burials C1–162 Burial D1–257 Burials E1–396
Burials F1–301 Burials F302–655 Cremation Stones 1–98 Parish Burial Ground  
Burial Plots & Cremations listed alphabetically
Names – A Names – B Names – C Names – D Names – E
Names – F Names – G Names – H Names – I, J, K Names – L
Names – M Names – N, O Names – P, Q Names – R Names – S
Names – T Names – U, V, W, Y      
Notable graves & memorials
Isaac Bowmer 1875 Robert Gaunt 1796 Isaac Petts 1888 Robert Alsop Wass 1895 Rood Screen

Memorial plaques
(inside church)

Memorial plaques
(outside church)

Stained Glass Windows DFHS Memorials German Wheatcroft
Church Memorials: Glover 1833 Roll of Honour WW1 Plaque to WW2 soldiers WW1 memorials Military graves
Church History
Done's History of St. Mary's Crich Parish Church by John Reynolds Parish life with a troubled vicar Struck by lightning 1945 Newspaper snippets
Vicar v Choirmaster conflict 1902 Cox: A Parochial Chartulary of the Fourteenth Century Cox Derbyshire Churches: Crich 1877 F. & M. Priestley article The Open Door
Newspaper history 1871 Ting-Tang bell Church bells    
Parish Magazines
Nov 1913 Aug 1914 Nov 1914 Oct 1943 May 1948
Photographs and post cards
Church working party c1910 Weathercock c1910 Church bells    

A CD of transcripts of the Parish Records for Baptisms, Marriages and Burials between 1565 and 1900 is available from Val Neal.