which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.


These also include influential families who lived nearby and involved in the parish

Notable families
Hurts of Alderwasley & Chase Cliffe Hurt Presentation Bible 1851 Alice Hurt Recipe Book Auction of the Hurt Estate 1920 Thewlis Johnson
John Reynolds Thomas Wall Lucy Audubon (née) Bakewell John Claye Florence Nightingale
Professionals and 'everyday' folk
Vaughan Taylor 1849–1925 Villagers 1875–1900 Kenyon family Brown family Piggin family
Agnes Shepherd (née Worthy) 1892-1986 John Storer
(blind preacher)
John Geoffrey Dawes 1919-2007 Dr J.S. Twist 1915–2006 Dr Dunn 1836-1892
Ralph Wheeldon Smith 1792–1861 Denman Mason Diary 1866–1869 John Dawes 1851–1917 Samuel Bower 1822–1897 Storer Family 1780–1917
Revd William Acraman 1875–1900 Howitt family George & Lucy Taylor Trades people 1880 Wilkinson Family 1734-1915
Sgt Thomas Wetton Herbert Riversdale Mansel Jones Thomas Towndrow William Falconbridge 1780–1881 Robert Boag
Henry Thomas Wake George & Hannah Hollingsworth Samuel Holmes Derby County footballer Beresford Family Notes Dr G.G.Macdonald 1861-1935
Dorothy Travis Walker 1916–1945 Michael Jessop 1810–1873 John Kirkeland of Wheatcroft Francis Joseph Shacklock, cricketer Timmy Ray, showman
Crich army men pre 1900 Samuel HOLLINGSWORTH 1881–1959 bandsman      
Village Characters
Ivy Vickers Ted Rollinson Pedley 'Pushcart' "Old Billy Whip"