which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.

Guides, books & maps

Modern books about Crich history and heritage
George Stevenson's Crich Railway Parish life with a troubled vicar 1875–1900      
Programmes & notices
Centenary of Moorwood Moor Chapel Opening of Briars Residential Centre Fritchley Coronation 1953 Crich Coronation 1953 Opening Crich Memorial Tower 1923
Wesley Church Bi-centenary 1965 Guide to Crich Stand 1951 Property sale 1859 Fire Station 50th anniversary 1990  
Old books and guides
"History of St Mary's Church, Crich" by A. B. Done Cox Derbyshire Churches: Crich 1877 Crich Illustrated Guide c1914 Crich Illustrated Guide 1915 Crich Illustrated Guide c1925
Days in Derbyshire by Dr Spencer T. Hall 1863 Dales, Scenery, Fishing Streams and Mines of Derbyshire 1861 Crich Place Names Highways & Byways in Derbyshire by J.B. Firth 1905 Feudal History of Derbyshire
Suffering of Quakers Denman Mason Diary 1866-1869 The Manor of Crich by A.B. Watkins (1953) Notes on Crich Hill by H. Arnold-Bemrose 1893 Lime in Farming
Friendly Society Rules 1794 History of Johnson & Nephew 1949 Fritchley Trail    
Maps of Crich
Sale Map of 1892: an estate in Crich Burdett's Map 1791 Derbyshire Map 1835 English Jurisdictions 1851 Derbyshire maps 1610-1900
Ashover Parish Boundary Map 1687 & 1703 Parish boundaries Crich map of mines 1834 Crich field names 1849 Crich 1899
Fritchley 1899 Wheatcroft 1899 Ambergate 1900 Crich Chase 1900 Plaistow 1899
Wakebridge 1899 Whatstandwell 1900 Wheatcroft: properties and field names Wakebridge 1784 Gates and Stiles 1777
Unbuilt turnpike 1829 Enclosure Maps of 1786