Crich, Fritchley, Whatstandwell, Bullbridge, Crich Carr, Coddington, Wheatcroft, Wakebridge

Additions to the site Q2 2021

Date 2021 Topic  
Apr Great Matlock Will Case 1864 View
  Biography of Michael Jessop 1810–1873 View
  History of Crich police houses View
  Newspaper snippets 1875–1879 View
  History of Crich water and its early reservoirs View
  Newspaper snippets 1880–1884 View
  Notes on John Kirkeland of Wheatcroft View
  Notes on Francis Joseph Shacklock, cricketer View
  Newspaper snippets 1885–1889 View
  Newspaper snippets 1890–1894 View
May Newspaper snippets 1895–1899 View
  Parish life with Revd Wiliam Acraman 1875–1900 View
  Notes on Timmy Ray (father & son) Showmen View
  Crich Funfairs & Circuses View
  Coronation celebrations 1902 View
  Newspaper snippets 1900–1904 View
  Crich men who served in the forces before WW1 View
  In Praise of Crich - a history 1906 View
  Samuel Hollingsworth 1881–1959; reknown bandsman View
June Newspaper snippets 1905–1909 View
  Newspaper snippets 1910 View
  William Walters – "Old Billy Whip" View

Note that the Crich Parish records to those who served are now at .

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