which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.

Stained Glass Windows – St Mary's Church

stained glass window 1 stained glass window 2 stained glass window 3
Memorial window to the wife of Thomas Jackson 1888
Memorial window to James Lee 1889
Memorial window to Revd William Chawner 1877
stained glass window 4 stained glass window 5 stained glass window 6
Main altar window
Window to the right of the altar
Memorial window to the Hurt sisters
stained glass window 7 stained glass window 8 stained glass window 9
Memorial window to Mary, wife of George Coupe
Memorial window to Dr George Godfrey Macdonald
Arms of Hubert Fitzraph, restored in memory of Alban Bower

The memorial window to Revd Chawner was partly the result of a cooperation between Dr Dunn and Florence Nightingale. From a letter sent to Dr Dunn by Florence:

35 South St
Park Lane W
Jan 4/78
My dear Sir
I have enquired as you desired for Stained Glass Manufacturers about a Window for Crich Church in memory of Mr Chawner.
Queen Sq
is one recommended.
If you would like to send subject required size of window & about the sum to be expended Mrs Shore Smith would gladly go to Messrs Morris & see what could be done both as to beauty & economy.
May all New Year’s blessings be showered upon you & yours.
ever yours faithfully
Florence Nightingale

C.B.N. Dunn Esq


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