which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.

Football Teams

Crich Parish Footballers

Courtesy Peter Black

Fritchley Football team 1896

Fritchley United League Team 1896–97
TOP ROW: P Cooper, C. Neal. B. Cutts, E. Sellors, S Hinds, S. Hiden, C. Booth,
T. Parkinson
MIDDLE ROW: B Hiden, A Taylor, S Bull
BOTTOM ROW: S Sharpe, J Bowmer, T Bowmer, Jab Cooper, J Clarke

Courtesy M & B Critchlow

Early Crich footballers

Courtesy Les Barber

Crich football team 1904

Jovial Dutchman c 1973

Courtesy of Geoff Noble, photograph taken by Herbert Key

Jovial Dutchman team 1973

Left to Right Back Row:
Harry Kirk, Gordon Bown, John Taylor, Dave Milner, Ron Heappey, Stan Mosley, Geoff Noble, Len Spencer, Chris Lees.

Left To Right Front Row:
Ian Wragg, Barry Wright, Harry Redfern, Ian Kirk, Baden Wragg, Kevin Bown, Steve Cowlishaw, Ian Harrison, Ken Leaf

Jovial Dutchman Football team

The date is unknown. It looks like a Perry played for them.

Photo courtesy of a private collection

Crich football team

Bottom row, second left is John William Curzon.

Date before 1914.
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Crich Footballers

Courtesy of Eric Hartshorne

Crich footballers

Nothing known about this Crich team. On the ball is 1910–11

Crich Football Club 1912–13

Photo courtesy Terry Daniels

Crich Football Club 1912

Crich Town F. C. 1921–22

Courtesy of Eric Hartshorne

Crich Town football club 1921

Back Row: J. Bowmer; H. Cauldwell; J.H. Dawes; R.S. Merriman; H. Blount; A. Coleman (Trainer)
Middle Row: R.C. Newman; J. Riley; W. Smith; H. Barber; H. Cooper; A. Brown; E. Bowmer (Captain); G.E. Whittaker (President)
Front Row: D.P. Hawkes (Secretary); C.E. Booth; M. Coleman; A. Bowmer; R.E.Haslam; A.I, Shaw; P.P. Taylor (Chairman)

Courtesy Catherine Allsop-Martin & Andrew Allsop

Crich Football cartoon
Match of 16 September 1922

Crich Athletic 1924–25

Courtesy of Eric Hartshorne

Crich Athletic Football team 1924

Back Row: Hillier, Coleman, S. Clarke (goalkeeper), White, Cope

Crich C of E School 1926–27

Courtesy of Eric Hartshorne

Crich school football team 1926

Crich CofE footballers 1926

Crich C of E School 1927–28

Courtesy of Jackie Russell

photo of 1927 football team

Bob Barker (seated)
Back row: ?, ?, ?, ? , ?, ?, Ernie Mason
Middle row: ?, Jack Else, R. Smith, ? Joseph Haywood (headteacher, seated)
Front row: Jack Brown, George Dowler (holding the football), ? .

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Crich Junior Footballers

Photos courtesy Nellie Brumwell

Crich Juniors Footballers

Crich Rangers 1947–48

Crich Rangers were called by some village wags "Crich Strangers". It was rumoured that Club President, H. Harshorne, was wont to tempt "out of village" players to his team.

Courtesy of Peter Woolley

Crich Rangers 1947

Taken outside the Bull's Head whose landlord, C.E. Booth, was Club Secretary. Secretary was Ike Woolley, Warden to Crich Stand.

Crich Rangers c1949

Courtesy of Jackie Russell

photo of Crich Rangers 1949

Back row from the left: Granville Beasley, A Horsley, D Pickering, W. Rawson, ?, R. Longden, H. Hyde
Front row from the left: H. Hobson, ?, Gerald Calladine, R. Oliver, ?

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Thanks to Cliff Calladine

Crich Rangers 1948 – 49

Crich rangers 1948

Crich Rangers 1964

Crich tRangers FC 1964

Crich United 22nd April 1946

photo of Crich United

Ron Beresford on the back left with pipe; Fred Spendlove second back right with spotted tie; Don Nadin right, kneeling.

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Crich Boys 1948

Photo courtesy Eric Hartshorne

Crich Boys Football team 1948

This team beat Ripley Lads 6–0 in the semi-final of the Belper Junior Nursing Cup on easter Monday 1948.

The team was formed largely due to the efforts of Alf Sulley. They first played local friendlies before joining the newly formed Rowsley and District Youth League and won a number of championships and trophies.

A committee was appointed to run the club, namely: Bill Bradley, Bill Wragg, George Storer, Jack (Totty) Brown, Roy Hudson and Don Nadin. Their chief supporter was George (Sinbad) Webster who attended both home and way matches.

Crich Boys 1948–49

Courtesy George Storer

Crich boys football team 1948

Names courtesy Eric Hartshorne

Names of Crich Boys 1948 football team

Crich Boys 1949 – 50

Photos George Storer

Crich Boys football team 1949

Names courtesy Eric Hartshorne

Names of Crich Boys football team in 1949

Crich Boys 1950

Courtesy Eric Hartshorne

Crich boys football 1950

Crich Boys 1950 – 51

Courtesy Eric Hartshorne

Crich bots football team

Crich Boys F.C. 1950–51

Photo courtesy Arthur Fox

Crich Boys football team 1950
L-R: Colin Harrison, Arthur Fox, Harry Williamson, Derek Swindell, Bernard Booth, Derek Taylor, unknown, Jack McCann, Alan Dakin, Terry Wainwright; Aubrey Briddon

Possible Crich Boys

These two photographs are from George Storer (courtesy of his niece Valerie).
The kits match that of Crich Boys F.C. of the late 1940s and early 1950s .
No names were recorded on the photographs.

Possibly Crich boys football team c 1950

Possibly Crich boys football team c 1950

Crich Football Team

Courtesy of Sue Worboys

Photo of Crich football team
This photograph was taken outside the Cliff Inn (date unknown).

Back row: John Bowmer, Alfred Bowmer, ?, Fred Brown (Jottie), Blucher Bowmer, Charlie Harper, Jim Wragg (goalie), Donald Hawkes, George Booker, ?, Don Nadin, ?,
Front row: Vernon Bowmer, Cyril Booth, Harry Lynam, ? Harrison

Crich Stars

Courtesy of Sue Worboys

Photo of Crich Stars football team

Date and players unknown. Information needed.

Crich Stars 1921

Courtesy G. Allsop

Crich Stars 1921

The football pitch is believed to be at the bottom end of Crich Common, up towards Chadwick Nick. Crich Tors in the background. The railway engine shed to the left. The white bits showing behind the team could be limestone on the railway wagons waiting to go down the steep.

Crich Stars c 1930

Courtesy of Eric Harshorne

Photo Crich Stars 1930

This photo was taken in the early 1930s at the back of the Bulls Head which was the clubhouse. The team played off Wheatsheaf Lane for a few seasons, in fields owned by Charle Wilmot who, in order to get a full football pitch, allowed the removal of a stone wall which was later rebuilt when the club was renamed Crich Rangers F.C. and they moved to play at Townend on the Stand Lane pitch in the mid and late 1930s.

Fritchley School Football Champions 1931 – 32

Courtesy Ken Stinson

Fritchley School Football Team 1931

Fritchley School footballers 1932–32
Champions Belper Schools League,
BACK ROW: Reg Stinson, Jim Conquest, Walter Black, Les Rollinson, Harry Porter, Vic Kneebone, Bill Lees (headmaster) Bernard Hodgkinson
FRONT ROW: Jack Clark, Cyril Weightman, Arnie Rowe, Vic Binns, George Rice

Photos courtesy Peter Black

Fritchley school football team 1947

Fritchley School foot team 1947–1948
BACK ROW: Lol Siddons, Tommy Campion, Max Farnsworth, Gerald Wood, Roy Storer, Roger Falkener
FRONT ROW: Richard Else, Brian Hines, Donald Else, Oliver Siddons, Peter Storer,
John Asher

Fritchley School football team 1940s

Fritchley School football team 1940s
Boys' names unknown Bill Lees (headmaster)

Fritchley Scholl football team 1933

Fritchley School footballers 1933
BACK ROW: Willis Hall, Bernard Hodgkinson, Les Rollinson, Jim Conquest, Vic Kneebone, Frank Byard, Dennis Barber
FRONT ROW: Cyril Weighman, Jack Clark, Bill Lees (headmaster), Vic Binns, Arnie Rowe

Fritchley School football team 1922

Fritchley School football team 1922–23
Boys' names unknown; Bill Lees (headmaster)

Fritchley School footballteam 1922

Fritchley School football team 1922
All names unknown

Wheatcroft Football Club 1922-23

Courtesy of David Muscroft

wheatcroft football team 1922

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Whatstandwell Rovers Football Club 1922–23

Courtesy Les Barber

Whatstandwell Rovers Football Team
Front row centre: A. Swindell; seated front right Arthur Henson

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Whatstandwell F.C. 1922–23

Photo courtesy Simon Johnson

Whatstandwell F.C. 1923

Whatstandwell F.C. 1935 – 36

Photo courtesy Mrs M. Smith

Whatstandwell football team 1935
Taken outside the Wheatsheaf Public House.

Whatstandwell Rovers Football Club 1944–45

Photo courtesy Les Barber

Whatstandwell Football team 1944

Whatstandwell Youth F.C. played in the Ripley Youth League.

Back Row: Mr Greatorex, Gerald Allsop, Mr Bray, Robin Jackson, Roy Hudson, Doug Harrison, Eddie Kirkman, Mr Lee, Don Nadin, Les Barber, Fred Spendlove
Front Row: Les Flint, Ken Blackford, Johnny Leafe, L. Flinders, Maurice Hudson

Whatstandwell Youth F.C. 1946–47

Photo courtesy Eric Hartshorne

Whatstandwell Football team 1946


Sawmills Rovers Football Team

Photo courtesy of Sue Worboys

photo of Sawmills football team

Although Sawmills is on the very edge of Crich Parish its football teams contained many Crich men. Date of the photograph is unknown.
Back row: G Thomson, F. Mellors, J. Wragg, S. Holmes (capt.)
Middle row: J. Byard, A. Radford, H, Hyde
Front row: J. Barrett, S, Holmes (cobber), H. Lynam, A. Allen, A. Williams

Sawmills Mission F.C. 1910–1911

Photo George Storer

Sawills Mission football team 1910-1911

Photo dated 1910-1911

Names unknown

King's Arms Football Club

The King's Arms FC stopped playing during the 2011–2012 season. Click on the link below to see team photos.

Kings Arms Photographs

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Ambergate FC

This photograph was amongst George Storer's football collection of Crich area teams which contained Crich parish men. No names or date was recorded on the photograph.

Ambergate football club


The Firecrackers 1965

Crich football club presentation

Brian Perry captain of 'The Firecrackers' receiving the six-a-side winners cup
Presented by Tim Ward, Derby County F.C. manager (1962–67)

Crich Firecrackers FC team 1965

Paddy Cooke, Graham Hartshorne, Bob Marshall, Brian Start
Dave Smith, Brian Perry, Roger Dawes.


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