which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

Fred & Christine Sayles Photo Album

Views of Crich from the top of St. Mary's Spire

These photographs were taken in 1994 by Fred Sayles when the church steeple was under repair and scaffolding was erected. They were all taken from the utmost point of the steeple.
Thank you to Fred and Christine Sayles for permission to reproduce these unique views of Crich and its surrounds.

photo of St Mary's Church with scaffolding


Church entrance

Filled in quarry

Towards the Tramway

Over Parkhead

Looking east

Tramway and Quarry

Towards the village centre

Scout hut and Baptist Chapel

Cromford Road and the Rec.

Filled in quarry

St Michael's Close

Towards Mount Tabor

Stand view

Looking east

Cromford Road


Looking north-east

Looking south-east

Over Parkhead

Town end
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