John Geoffrey DAWES (1919–2007)

Royal Navy

He was always known as "Geoff", his middle name.

1939 Register: Market Place, Crich
Dawes, John G. b. 6 Feb 1919; Undergraduate
Redacted record
Redacted record
Redacted record

After graduation in 1940, just before Dunkirk, Geoff was recruited by the Navy to help with research into the German magnetic mine threat.

Derbyshire Times 16 January 1942
On January 10, 1941, at Crich Parish Church by the Rev H.E. JONES, John Geoffrey DAWES, Crich, to Lorna Graham WHOLEY, Fritchley.

After their marriage Geoff and Lorna set out for a new life in Helensburgh, where Geoff continued work on magnetic and sonic mines and latterly guided torpedoes.
In 1946 after the war was over, he moved to Sheffield to the Safety in Mines Research Establishment working on preventing coal dust explosions in deep mines. He was awarded his PhD at London University in 1953 for his research becoming one of the world’s leading experts in dust control and underground explosions.

A short biography of Geoff DAWES.