George WILSON 1919–

Sergeant, RAF

1939 Register: Heage Road, Ripley
Wilson Edith M., widow, b. 4 May 1886; Domestic duties
Wilson, John A., b. 22 Sep 1916; Colliery Clipper. Heavy
Wilson George W., b. 16 Feb 1919; Vertical and Horizontal Setter
Wilson, Arthur, b. 23 Apr 1920; Coliery Clipper. Heavy
Wilson, Dick, b. 20 Sep 1922; Grocery Assistant
Bamford, John, b. 29 Sep 1876; Coliery Hewer

Derby Daily Telegraph 31 May 1944
Sgt George WILSON, whose wife lives at The Croft, Crich, has been officially reported as missing on flying operations. He is 25, the second son of the late Mr A. WILSON and of Mrs E.M. WILSON of Heage Rd, Ripley. An employee of Messrs Rolls-Royce before volunteering for the RAF in 1942, Sgt WILSON passed out as a Sgt bomber in Canada in 1943. He was a member of the Derby Cycling and Athletic Club and the Derby Ivanhoe Cycling Club. He has a brother also serving in the RAF.

George W. WILSON married Constance I. WRIGHT in Q1 of 1942, registered at Belper.

His birth family were "of Ripley or Heage". In 1944 his wife was living at Crich. Had they moved after marriage to live at Crich?
George has been added to the Crich-connected men who served during WW2 based on his wife's Crich residence.