Baptist Minutes 1929–1958

The following are snippets form the Baptist Minutes Book dated 1929 – 1958. Most of the minutes in the book are concerned with the administration of the Chapel but the following are a few which may be of historical interest.

Courtesy Alan Flint, (Baptist Chapel Secretary)

22 Mar 1932
Application from the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Electric Power Company to erect a power cable over the Baptist Church property to the miners’ welfare. This was not agreed upon.

Jan 1935
Miss Flaura (sic) Macdonald requested permission to plant two Jubilee trees (double cherry trees) in front of the chapel. One paid for by the Girl Guides the other by Dr Macdonald. This was granted

20 March 1935
To be baptised: Clifford Gration, Ivan Baldwin and Douglas Stevenson

12 June 1935
Caretaker appointed – Mr Daniel Devonport, his house rent to be 4/- per week and to be paid £2 12s 0d per quarter

13 Aug 1936
Desirable to have new water closets built and drains to connect to the main sewer

27 Feb 1937
Tribute to the memory of W T Colwlishaw who had been treasurer for 40 years.

24 April 1937
Baptised Mr & Mrs Gent (Derby) Mrs Horspool, Mrs Smith, Mrs Cooke, Miss Marian Smith

4 Oct 1937
To obtain estimates for putting in working water closets for the 3 cottages occupied by Mrs Flint, Mrs Haslam and Mrs Neville.

6 Dec 1938
New hymn books “The Baptist Church hymn book” ordered to replace the very much worn The Baptist hymnal.

24 Sep 1939
In consequence of the war and blackout regulations, services were to be at 11.00am and 3.00 pm

12 Nov 1939
Owing to poor attendance the 3.00 pm service changed to 6.00 pm with blacked-out windows.

7 April 1940
Agreed that Ivan Baldwin and Miss Gaunt have the use of the Chapel for their wedding on 11 May and the use of the schoolroom for their reception.
Mr Noel Harrison (caretaker) called up for military service.

9 June 1940
Education Authorities want to use the schoolroom for 40 evacuees education. At a charge of 15/- per week
But on 16 June 1940 they were transferred to Crich CofE School (Mr Haywood, headmaster)

2 April 1944
A community service to be organised for “Salute the Soldier” on Sunday 9 July at 8.15pm

24 March1945
Mr Burrows, Liberal Candidate given permission to use the Sunday School room as his committee room.

22 April 1945
Permission given to use the schoolroom for the purpose of distributing ration cards.

22 June 1947
Owing to deterioration of the gas fittings estimates requested for electrical installation.

13 July 1947
Estimate received for fitting electricity of £70.10.6. An alternative quote from Jewitts of Ripley requested.

24 Aug 1945
A quote of £62 received from Jewitts to fit electricity

18 April 1948
Sunday School to discontinue the Whit Walks preferring a Whit Sunday afternoon demonstration in the Market Place.

23 Jan 1949
Request to Wooliscroft Silver Service coaches for transport to Skegness for the Annual Outing on June 25

26 April 1949
Education Authority requested permission to use Baptist private road to the meal centre to avoid children using Sandy Lane. This was agreed with provisions; children kept under supervision; Education Authority responsible for any damage; the path be maintained by the Authority.

18 March 1956
Mr Clark Chemist applied for tenancy after Mr Lake had left the property. He wanted it for storage. This was agreed although he was advised strict conditions would be applied – it was unacceptable to allow the property to look like a warehouse.

16 May 1956
Mr Clarks request turned down as the property in question was too valuable as a residence

June 25 1958
Considered the purchase of a reconditioned electric clock from John Smith & sons at a cost of £140, A village collection towards the cost was suggested

Sept 1958
Mr Alfred Bowmer offered free assistance in the installation of the new electric Clock, in preference to the reconditioned one..
Up to Nov3 1958 £186.11.0 had been raised through public subscription

Appeal notice for the Crich Baptst Clock 1958

A copy of the public appeal from the minute book