Baptisms, Marriages & Burials

W –Y

There are well over 3,000 names in the "W to Y" records so they have been divided up as follows:

Wade – Watkinson

Watson – Wheatcroft

Wheate – Williamot

Williams – Wostenholme

Wrag – Youston

Please note alternate spellings such as Wild and Wylde also mistranscriptions of names such as Wheeldon which may have been recorded as Weeldon.

In the "Abode" column Ashover and Duffield may well be the Parish rather than the town. Dethick, Lea and Holloway were in the Ashover Parish; Heage, Belper, Sawmills and parts of Bullbridge were once in the Duffield Parish. Note that Washington and Wessington are one and the same.

As always beware! – these records are based on transcriptions and open to errors. Although care and cross-checking has taken place gremlins still can appear. Please advise us of any errors you happen to find so that they may be corrected. Also the records are being added to over time.

Mother's maiden name in baptism records – where a mother's name is recorded it is usually the just the forname. Where we believe we know the maiden name vis marriage records we have included this. However, this may need checking.

The entries in the tables are not exclusively taken from the Parish Records. Information from Monumental Inscriptions (courtesy the late Val Jones), family history notes, the General Records Office, IGI recordsand other sources have been included where helpful.

The records covering the years 1813 to 1825 were originally transcribed by Alan Flint who has given permission for their use. They have been reformatted with a few 'tweaks'.

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