Photo courtesy Barbara Singleton

Photo of River Amber at Bullbridge

River Amber at Bullbridge

Photo courtesy Hugh Potter

Bullbridge aquaduct

Canal crossing rail line and road at Bullbridge

Lives of Engineers by Samuel Smiles [John Murray 1879]

Etching of Bullbridge

Illustration of Bullbridge from an old book

Photo courtesy Ken Stinson

Stevenson dyers

Stevenson's Dye Works was at the bottom of Bullbridge.
A major employer for Crich Parish.

Photo from the George Smith collection courtesy Stan Smith

Photo of Stevenson Dyers 1945

Aerial View of the Dye Works taken from the top of the chimney just before it was demolished.
Taken by George Smith in about 1945.

Photographs courtesy Crich Heritage Partnership archives

Flood at Bullbridge

Flood at Bullbridge

Bullbridge floods c 1931

Photo courtesy the Geoff Dawes archive


Before the demolition of this bridge

Picture the Past: the Wood Collection

flood at Bullbridge

Gas Lane, Bullbridge c 1931

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