History of Crich cricket teams

From the Crich Heritage Partnership Photo Archive

Pat Mangwana and Corinne Clemson

Crich United Cricket Club was formed after the First World War and played at the “Top Doctor” field at the top of Stones Lane, off Coast Hill until the Second World War when they disbanded temporarily as many of the men were drafted into the armed forces. The Club re-formed in 1946 and played until 1963.

However, the Crich Heritage Partnership has photographs dating back to 1905, and we would be interested in finding out more about the club at this time and identifying any missing names. Are these your relatives?

Courtesy Les Barber

Crich Cricket Club in 1910

1920s : S Taylor, J Wilde, Mr Dawes, Mr Holtam, G Brumwell, P Smith, F Brumwell, Mr Horspool, F Harrison (wearing a tie)
(names not in order; some names unknown)

Courtesy Aileen Taylor

Crich Cricket team 1920s

1923 Crich United winners Matlock & District League
Winners Matlock & District Shield 1923
J.W. Dawes, H. Holtam, G.S. Stevenson, J. Wilde, F.W.E.. Cope, H. Stewardson
J. Bowmer, Wm. Horspool, G.A. Brumwell, P.S. Smith, F.H. Brumwell, J. Hallam, F. Harrison
S. Taylor, H.A. Platts

Courtesy Les Barber

Crich Cricket Club in 1925

1925 : Edwin Dawes, B Barker, Harry Barber, D Wetton, Fred Harrison, P Smith, William Cowlishaw, JW Dawes (umpire), (two unknown names)
Bill Horspool, Francis Brumwell,  Percy Smith (captain),  Sam Taylor, L Fantom,
Dennis Dawes, Gordon Smith

Courtesy Les Barber

Crich Cricket Club in 1946

1946 : F Harrison(umpire), P Woolley, Arthur Cooke, Percy Bendall, R Boyce, Laurence Flinders, Ken Blackford,
Eric Stevenson, Fred Willis, P Smith (captain), Roy Hudson, Les Barber

Courtesy Ken Jackson

Crich Cricket Club 1955

1955 : Eric Stevenson, Fred Willis, John Woods, Bramwell Fletcher, Vic Kneebone, Wilf Hudson
Percy Weston, Stephen Jackson, Freddie Wragg, Percy Bendall, David Stocks, Maurice Hudson
Taken at the cricket ground at Top Doctor Field

Courtesy Les Barber

Crich Cricket Club 1958

1958 : Laurence Wilson, Ken Blackford, Edward Taylor, Les Barber, Tommy Lancashire, Charlie Mason, Les Bradley, David Rollinson, Jim Shuttleworth, Ray Bradley
(names not in order; some names unknown)

Courtesy Ken Jackson

Crich Cricket Club 1960

1960: Stephen Jackson, Percy Bendall, Percy Weston, Freddie Wragg, David Stocks, Randolph Curzon, John Woods, Georgie Pym, Pauline Bendall (daughter of Percy)
(unsure as to order of names; one name unknown)

Courtesy Ken Jackson

Crich Cricket Club 1961

1961 : Stephen Jackson, Laurence Wilson, Percy Bendall, John Wood, Raymond Mason (son of Charlie), Tony Lester, Maurice Hudson, Raymond Cheetham.



Other photographs received for the website are duplicates of those above but may have different names and dates.

Courtesy Maurice Hudson

Crich Cricket Club 1950s

1952 : Back Row L to R: E. Stevenson, F.S. Willis, J. Woods, B. Fletcher, V. Kneebone, R. Hudson
Front Row L to R: P. Weston, S. Jackson, F. Wragg, P. Bendall, D.Stocks, M.C. Hudson
(An alternative photograph has the date 1955)

Courtesy Mrs Dawes

Crich Cricket Club 1910

1910 : Back row: Sam Taylor, Joe Wilde, J.W. Dawes, Mr Exton
Middle row: George Brumwell, Percy Smith, Bill Horspool, Fred Harrison
Front row: unknown

Courtesy Mrs Dawes

Crick Cricket Club 1925

1925 : Back row:Mr Stewartson, Edwin Dawes, Tom Curtis, Harry Barber, Fred Harrison, William Cowlishaw, J.W. Dawes (umpire)
Middle row: Bill Horspool, Francis Brumwell, Percy Smith (capt) Sam Taylor, Louis Fantom
Front row: Dennis Dawes, Gordon Smith

Courtesy Miss E D Bunting

Alderwasley Cricket Club 1910

1910: Back Row:includes– Alf Walker, Mr Peacock, George Harrison
Standing: _ Ashman, Arthur Petts, Francis W Bunting, Ted Allsop, Sam Harris, Frank Walker, Arthur Lee, Mr Workman
Seated: Jack Petts, Reg Twigg, Donald Twigg, _ Eddowes, Bob Cowlishaw, Noah Wilkinson, Hedley Bennett
Front: Bert Lee, George Petts

Courtesy Eric Hartshorne

Crich Cricket Ground

The photograph is of Crich Cricket Club who played a NALGO Mansfield team every bank-holiday Monday for many years. This match was on Monday 3rd August 1952 at the "Top Doctor" ground at Crich. It was a two-innings match starting at 11.00 a.m. and finishing at approx. 7.45 p.m. In the photograph Crich are fielding.

Crich United Cricket Club played on a field known as "Top Doctor" at the top of Stones Lane, off Coast Hill. They were formed after the 1914–18 war. They payed on the Rec. then, after erecting a pavilion, played on the "Top Doctor" ground until the outbreak of the second world war in 1939.

Sporting activities were then suspended because most of the players (all of whom lived in Crich Parish) were drafted into the armed forces.

The Club was re-formed in 1946 and played at the Stones Lane ground until it was disbanded in 1963. Just for one season 1946–47 they shared the ground with Crich Rangers F.C. who competed in the Matlock & District League.

Courtesy Tony Lester

Crich Cricket Pavillion

Crich Cricket Club pavilion on the Top Doctor ground.