The two-volume Return of Owners of Land, 1873 was the first complete picture of the distribution of land in Great Britain since the 1086 Domesday Book. This 1873 Return is sometimes called the "Modern Domesday". It arose from the desire of the Victorian governing landed classes, many of whom sat in the House of Lords, to counter rising public clamour (encouraged by the press) about what was considered the monopoly of land.
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Beside each name was a record of the extent of lands and gross estimated rental for each person.

The extent of lands were recorded in Acres, Roods and, Perches (A. R. P.). There were 4 Roods to an Acre and 40 Perches to a Rood.

The population of the county in 1871 – 379,394
Inhabited houses – 78,309
Number of parishes – 331

ALLSOP, Luke, Crich, 10A 2R 13P; £40 19s
ALTON, Francis, Crich, 2A 2R 13P; £8 9s
BAKER, Charles, 6A 0R 35P, £29 2s
BESTWICK, Henry , Crich: 19A 1R 23 P; £25 0s
BOWER, Samuel, Crich: 2A 0R 0P; £20 0s
BOWMER, Miss H., Crich: 83A 1R 25P; £134 6s
BOWMER, Isaac, Crich: 105A 2R 35P; £154 7s
BOWMER, Thomas, Fritchley, 92A 1R 20P; £236 0s
BUTLER, Samuel, Crich, 2A 2R 34P; £4 2s
BROWN, Thomas, Crich: 6A 2R 14P; £7 5s
BRYAN, Hannah, Bents Hill,Crich: 19A 1R 25P; £113 3s
BRYAN, John, Crich: 15A 3R 24; £22 15s
BURTON, Jeremiah, Crich: 41A 3R 35P; £115 10s
CHELL, John, Crich, 3A 2R 33P; £26 17s
CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY, Crich, 3A 1R 25); £5 14s
CRITCHLOW, T, Crich, 14A 2R 4P; £24 0s
CURZON, George, Crich, 11A 1R 19P; £65 9s
DAWES, Thomas, sen, Crich, 10A 3R 28P; £37 0s
Friendly Society of Crich, 6A 0R 6P; £10 14s
GILLS, Mrs (Trustees of), Crich 31A 0R 22P; £69 18s
GREENHOUGH, Zachariah, Crich Carr, 1A 0R 0P; £6 10s
HALL, Mrs Elijah, Crich, 2A 2R 1P; £20 14s
HALL, W.F. , 4A 0R 4P; £7 4s
HARDSTONE, Joseph, Crich : 7A 2R 20P; £14 9s
HARDSTONE, Thomas, Crich: 3S 3R 5P; £9 0s
HASLAM, William, 3A 3R 4R; £8 11s
HAY, Robert, Crich: 20A 3R 21P; £41 0s
HAYNES, John, Crich: 1A 2R 21P; £62 15s
HILL, George, Wheatcroft, 122A 2R 15P; £168 9s
HOPKINSON, John, Wheatcroft, 25A 3R 25P; £69 7s
HOWITT, J., Crich, 14A1R 27P; £91 16s
HUGHES, George B., Crich, 131A 1R 21P; £154 9s
HURT, Miss Elizabeth, Crich, 70A 3R 5P; £315 5s
JACKSON, Mary, Crich, 9A 1R 38P; £20 6s
JACKSON, Thomas, Crich, 15A 0R 0P; £75 4s
JEFFRIES, James, Crich, 38A 3R 25P; £36 10s
JESSOP, Michael, Crich, 63A 3R 28P; £195 15s
LEAM, Mrs S., Fritchley, 17A 2R 30P; £61 6s
LEE, James, Crich, 22A 2R 1P: £139 18s
LEE, John, Wheatcroft, 31A 3R 5P; £185 9s
LEE, Josh., Crich Carr, 1A 0R 17P; £12 12s
LEE J.W., Crich, 20A0R14P; £92 8s
LIMB, Ruth, Wheatcroft,21a 1R 24P; £31 10s
MARSHALL, Miss, 14A 0R OP; £17 10s
MARSHALL, Mrs, 9A 3R 21R; £9 17s
PORTER, Thomas, Crich : 32A 1R 30P; £75 1s
PORTER, William, 148A 2R 18P; £148 19s
POYSER, William, 2A 3R 32P; £23 8s
REDFERN, William, Crich, 48A 3R 20P; £61 8s
ROE, Joseph, Crich, 2A 1R 9P; £20 9s
SANDERS, Thomas, Alderwasley, 6A 0R 18P; £14 10s
SHIMWELL, Selina, Crich, 2A 3R 2P; £12 6s
SHIPTON, Mrs, Crich, 20A 0R 7P; £40 16s
SLACK, James, Fritchley, 4A 2R 30P; £27 0s
SLACK, Matthew, Crich, 4A 1R 17P; £4 3s
SMITH, G., Ashbourne, Crich, 2A 1R 0P; £4 10s
SMITH, James, Crich, 6A 1R 3p; £16 0s
SMITH, Ralph, Crich, 12A 0R 0P; £10 10s
SMITH R.W., Crich, 12A 0R 21P; £51 9s
SPENCER, Margaret, Crich, 2A 3R 33P; £11 14s
STORER, Aaron, Crich, 2A 2R 28P; £10 25s
STRUTT, James, Fritchley, 2A 2R 0P; £0 0s
SWINDELL, James, Crich, 1A 3R 24P; £8 1s
TAYLOR, George, Crich, 1A 0R 23P; £1 2s
TAYLOR, Mrs T, Crich, 11A 3R 22P; £49 7s
TOMLINSON, Henry, Crich, 2A 0R 4P; £12 0s
TOWNDROW, David, Crich Carr, 8A 2R 18P; £90s
WESTON, William, Crich Carr, 2A 2R 27P; £22 13s
WRIGHT, Josh., Fritchley, 30A 0R 18); £60 14s
YATES, Walter, Crich Carr, 4A 0R 23P; £13 10s
YOUNG Richard, Crich, 31A 2R 18P; £53 12s