Samuel ELSE



Samuel Else's escape as a Prisoner of War was reported in February 1944

Ripley and Heanor News and Ilkeston Division Free Press; 18 February 1944
Mr S. Else, West Bank, Crich, has received a letter from his son Gnr. S. Else, that he is now a prisoner of war in Germany, having been recaptured two months after escape from confinement in an Italian camp, and when almost in sight of the Allied lines.
Gnr. Else, who was employed by Mr C. Wilkins, chemist, Crich, joined the R.A. January, 1940, and went overseas in January, 1942. He was taken prisoner in May 1942 and had been in Italy. 18 months when he made his unsuccessful attempt to escape. For about 10 weeks he enjoyed freedom, and was only a few hours from the Allied lines when he was recaptured. In his last letter he writes: – “I was free in Italy from September 11th to November 20th, and almost made our lines by a few hours. I haven’t let my spirits go in spite of not being successful, but I am very disappointed. I am been treated well and receiving Red Cross food parcels weekly, for which I am very grateful.

In 1939 he was with his family –
1939 Register: 3 West Bank, Crich
Sam ELSE; b.12 Dec 1882; Stationaty Engine Driver, Electric; married
Mary ELSE; b.8 Jul 1882; Household duties unpaid; married
Arthur S ELSE; b.31 Aug 1909; Wood Machinist, Crane Driver Electric; single
Horace F ELSE; 13 Sep 1912; Farming Implement Wood Machinist; single
Cyril J ELSE; 12 Dec 1914; Farming Implement Wood Machinist; single
Thomas ELSE; b. 20 Jul 1917; Wood Machinist & Sawyer; single
Samuel ELSE; b. 21 Feb 1920; Shop Assistant; single
Doris PEACH (ELSE); b. 25 Oct 1923; Household duties unpaid, single
David M ELSE; b. 5 Jan 1933; At school
[RG101/5941A/019/8 Letter Code: RCHN]