Enclosure maps of Crich for 1786

The following information is taken from the archive of the late Dr Geoff Dawes who was a well-known local historian of the Crich Parish.

It has been reproduced with permission of his family.

With Dr Dawes' tracings of the enclosure maps are these notes:

Crich Enclosure Award – 26th year of the reign of George III (1786)
The commissioners were: John Beighton, Joseph Outram, Geo Barber, John Nuttall
The award was: “For dividing and enclosing the several commons and wastelands within the Manor of Crich”

Named: Lords of the Manor of Crich included
a) the Earl of Thanet
b) the Sir Edward Wilmot (Bart)
c) Peter Nightingale
d) David Woodhouse

450 acres or thereabouts were to be enclosed
Area of parish township (1908 Kelly) was 3498 acres
i.e. the enclosure equals 13% of total

Langley Mill Turnpike Road is mentioned – is going (in Crich) from Wakebridge to Bullbridge (But a map is needed): the numbers of the allotments bordering the road are given, as are the owner’s names and also those of the new owners of allotments under the (new) enclosure award.

Similarly for the Wirksworth Road. The Wirksworth Turnpike is stated to run from Whatstandwell Bridge to 4 Lane Ends at Oakerthorpe.

Fritchley Mill Road – branches out of the Tan Yard Lane to the SW corner of Mill Green.
Rue Cliff Road – from Crich to Fritchley is stated to pass by the site of a stone quarry.

p 370
Identifies “Poor House” Road

Old allotments – ancient lands enclosed before the present award were in the hands of –
Richard Towndrow
William Smith
William Radford
Samuel Allen
Phoebe Dodd
Nathaniel Curzon
Duke of Devonshire etc, etc.

Awards were made – amongst others – to
Phoebe Dodd – Nether Common
Isaac Dawes – Dimple
Richard Towndrow– Cliff, Plaistow Green, Upper Common,
James Turton – Plaistow Green, Dimple, Coast Hill.

Enclosure map for Crich 1876


Enclosure map for Crich 1876


Enclosure map for Crich 1876