Fritchley Photographs

These photographs have come from several souces. In particular: The George Smith Collection (courtesy Stan Smith); Mrs Hilda Turner; Graham Swift; Valerie Jones; Beryl Calladine; an anonymous album; Sue Worboys; Ken Stinson; Geoff Dawes; Ann Hunter.

Fritchley Farm photo

A farm at Fritchley

Photoi of Fritchley Green

Fritchley Green. The school and mission can be seen on the left.

photo of Fritchley Congregational chapel

Fritchley Congregational Chapel. Note the water trough on the Green (now gone)

Meeting on Fritchley Green

Meeting on Fritchley Green (note the thatched houses). Date unknown

Fritchley Green

Fritchley Green, Davidson's Stores with Lynam Butchers

Fritchley Green

A view across Fritchley Green

Davidsons Shop

Outside Davidson's Store on Fritchley Green

Photo of Bobbin Mill, Fritchley

Fritchley Bobbin Mill. It was destroyed by fire in June 1885.

Red Lion at Fritchley

Red Lion when it was built in stone

photo of Red Lion at Fritchley

Red Lion with Lynam's butcher's shop and horse stabling to the left

Red Lion

The Red Lion also provided "Teas and Refreshments"

Red Lion Fritchley carnival

Carnaval float outside the Red Lion

Red Lion at Fritchley 1988

Red Lion in 1988

Shoulder of Mutton in Fritchley

Shoulder of Mutton; the building on the right used to be the Blue Bell

Fritchley Post Office

Fritchley Post Office

Fritchley Post office Bungalow

Post Office Bungalow with the Lynam family outside

Fritchley Post Office

Collection at the Post Office

Friends Meeting House

Friends' Meeting House

Fritchley School

Once Fritchley C of E School and Church Mission (now a private house)

Chestnut Bank, Fritchley

Looking up Bobbin Mill Lane towards the large house at the top – Chestnut Bank

Tramway at Fritchley

Butterley Quarry tramway through Fritchley

Old photo of Bowmer Lane, Fritchley

An old photograph of Bowmer Lane.
The barns on the left have been demolished are are now houses

Allen Lane, Fritchley 1930s

Allen Lane in the 1930s

Ruins of Bowmer's Mill, Fritchley

Remains of Bowmer's Mill

Mill Pond at Fritchley

Millpond at Bowmer's Mill, Fritchley

Fritchley windmill

Fritchley windmill

Fritchley windmill

Fritchley windmill

General Views of Fritchley

Fritchley View

View of Fritchley

view of Fritchley

View of Fritchley

Fritchley View

Fritchley view

View of Fritchley

Fritchley view

view of Fritchley

postcard of Fritchley

View of Fritchley

View of Fritchley


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