Photo archive of Geoff Dawes

The late Dr Geoff Dawes, amongst his other talents, was a respected local historian with several books to his name.

His family kindly passed on most of his research papers and photographs to me. Below are some photos from his collection.

Peter Patilla

ale house on Chadwick Nick Lane

Once an "alehouse" on Chadwick Nick Lane

Allen lane in the 1930s

Allen Lane, Fritchley in the 1930s

Ambergate toll bar beside the Hurt Arms

The old Ambergate toll bar on what is now the A6 beside the Hurt Alms
It was on the Cromford to Belper Turnpike Trust

Betty Kenny Tree in 1988

Remains of the Betty Kenny Tree in Shining Cliff Woods, Ambergate, taken in 1988

Bobbin Mill at Fritchley

The old bobbin mill at Fritchley

Bowmer's Mill at Fritchley

What was once Bowmer's Mill at Fritchley

Bowns Hill in 1965

Bown's Hill in 1965

Bowns Hill at Crich

Looking up Bown's Hill from Crich Market Place

Bull Bridge

The bridge over the A610 at Bullbridge before it was demolished

flood at Bull Bridge in 1933

Bullbridge flooded in 1933

Bulls Head Inn at Crich

What was once the Bull's Head Inn on Cromford Road, Crich

Fritchlet Carnival in 1930

Fritchley Carnival in the 1930s

Church Quarry at Crich

Church Quarry, Crich in July 1989

Church view at Crich in 1910

View over Crich in 1910

site of Clay's manor at Crich

Site of was once Clay's manor house beside St Mary's Church at Crich

Congregational Chapel at Fritchley

Congregational Chapel at Fritchley in February 1988

Keepers Cottage on the Hagg at Crich

Keeper's Cottage on the Hagg at Crich

Hagg Lane, Crich

Hagg Lane in 1950

Harrison's Mill, Fritchley

Site of Harrison's Mill, Fritchley

The hat Factory, Fritchley

What was once the Hat Factory between Fritchley and Crich
Originally to make straw hats but was used as homes for local workers

Crich Market Place

Crich Market Place

Fritchley Mill Pond

Mill pond at Bowmer's Mill, Fritchley

Crich Market Place

Crich Market Place

Original vicarage at Crich

The original vicarage on Cromford Road, Crich, just abover the church

Parade at Crich in 1910

1910, one of the many parades through Crich

The original parish rooms at Crich

What was once the Parish Room on the Common, Crich

Prospect Terrace, Crich

Prospect Terrace, Crich
The cottage jutting out on the right was demolished

Red Lion at Fritchley

The Red Lion at Fritchley in February 1988

Crich reservoir

The Chadwick Nick reservoir built at the turn of 1900

Chadwick Nick Reservoir

The construction of the Chadwick Nick Reservoir at the turn of the twentieth century

Chadwick Nick Reservoir

Excavation and foundations of Chadwick Nick Reservoir 5th June 1903

Chadwick Nick Reservoir

Chadwick Nick Reservoir 10th July 1903

Chadwick Nick Reservoir

Interior of Chadwick Nick Reservoir 10th July 1903

Rose Cottage Fritchley

Rose Cottage, Fritchley, just off the Green
One-time home of the late Dr Geoff Dawes

Roskeen House, Crich

"Roskeen" on Surgery Lane was for many years the village doctor's surgery and home.

Royal Oak Terrace, Crich

Royal Oak Terrace on the Common, Crich
The long windows on the right hand building show it to have been a stockinger's house

opening of the scout hut at Crich in 1966

Official opening of Crich Scout hut in 1966

scouts BBQ

Scouts BBQ picturing Geoff Dawes and Barbara Haslam

scouts at Paington in 1938

Crich Scouts camping at Paignton in 1938

Surgery Lane, Crich

Top of the Dimple and Surgery Lane taken in May 1959
Taken from "Roskeen"

Swain's Hunt 1960

Gathering of Swain's Hunt at Crich Market Place in 1960

Tollbar Cottage on Bullbridge

Tollbar cottage on Bullbridge opposite Allen Lane

Tollbar gate posts

The original tollbar gate posts were repositioned off Bowmer Lane

Steps to the Tors at Crich

Steps from the Tors down to Chapel Lane

tors steps at Crich

Steps up tothe Tors off Chapel Lane

Wakebridge Mine

Wakebridge mine

Walkers private school at Crich

This house on the Common was once Walker's Private School (c 1798)
The photo is incorrectly labelled

Whit walk at Crich

Whitsun walk at Crich

Whitsun celebrations in Crich Market Place
"Daddy" Haywood (the school headmaster) was conducting

whitsun walk at Crich

Whitsun parade from the Cross down Bown's Hill
Whitsun parades were once an important feature of Crich parish life

Fritchley windmill

Fritchley windmill
Only the stone base is now evident

Fritchley windmill

Fritchley windmill

WI seat at the top of Bullbridge Hill

The seat at the top of Bullbridge Hill was presented to the community by Fritchley WI