Lay Subsidy Roll 1327-8

Transcribed by Dr Alan Wilcockson from Cox, J. C., ”Derbyshire in 1327: being a lay subsidy roll” in Journal of the Derbyshire Archaeological and Natural History Society, vol. 30, 1908, pp.23-96

The Lay Subsidy Roll of 1327 was taxed in the first year of Edward I at one twentieth of a person’s moveable goods. The tax was to defray the cost of the ongoing war against Scotland. Twenty two membranes of the Derbyshire returns are extant at the National Record Office at Kew although several have suffered damage and are illegible.
A person was exempt from paying the tax if the value of his “Moveable Goods” was less than 5s. Moveable Goods in rural areas meant animals (horses, cattle, sheep and pigs) grains (wheat, barley, oats, rye and mixed corn), other crops (peas, beans) hay and fodder and very occasionally carts and items of merchandise. Personal effects were exempt and household goods were rarely mentioned.  From the tax returns it has been estimated that the total population of Derbyshire at this time was up wards of 14,000 persons.
The below table shows the Returns for CRUCH (Crich) and the following entry on the membrane for which the name is missing but could be in Crich Parish as one person is called Ric de Holewey (Holloway). The third Table is for Lea near Wirksworth.
As the sum totals do not agree with the sum of the individual entries it is fair to assume that some entries were unreadable and thus some people who paid their tax are not shown in the below tables. In the entries for some other places the sum of the individual entries and the amounts shown for the sum totals do agree.

Name Value of Moveable Goods Tax Levied
  £ s d s d
Alic Beler   60   3  
Petr de Wakebrugge 4     4  
Walt de Wetecroft 4     4  
Rob de Godington   33 4   20
Ranulps de Wetecroft   33 4   20
Galf de Wetecroft   30     18
Alanus le Salkere   13 4   8
Summa bonorum 26     26  
Place name missing for below entry but it follows Cruch on the membrane
Name Value of Moveable Goods Tax Levied
  £ s d s d
Johes Cubbel   40   2  
Wills Juxta Aquam   20     12
Rob de Alsibrok   30     18
Rob Keybbil   20     12
Rob fil Henr   30     18
Nich Pistor   10     6
Nich Juxta Aqnam   50   2 6
Ric de Holowey   10     6
Adam le Heyre   30     18
Rob del Mosse   46 8 2 4
Walt del Hull   10     6
Summa bonorum 31 6 8 31 4
LEA Juxta Wirksworth
Name Value of Moveable Goods Tax Levied
  £ s d s d
Nich Serviaus   30      
Henr del Bolus   40      
Johes de Alveley   20      
Rob de Chestwishire   10      
Johes led Bode          
Sibilla le          
Summa bonorum 7        




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