Crich lead veins in 1778

Transcribed by Dr Alan Wilcockson

An Account of all the Veins belonging to Critch Sough within the Mannor and Liberty of Critch in 1778.

From a notebook at the Derbyshire Record Office (Ref No. D2535/M/2/1-12).
Inside the front cover of the notebook is written ”received from Mr Hurst of Alderwasley 7 March 1837”.

177 Eight / An Account of all the Veins belonging to Critch Sough within the Manner and Liberty of Critch On now the First day of Nov. 1778 So all in good Repair and in Manner following

1st *ig John Berisford and John Wilgoose in the presence of John Barker and Nathl Wright did Stowse1 the Several Mears2 of ground in the following Veins on the 16th & 17th and 18th days of March.
That is to say first the Great Rake Vein from the founder Northwardly over the cliff to a place call’d Barkersfield Wall ( which Wall divides the Liberty of Critch from Wakebridge 18 Mears of Ground and Southwardly to a place we call Plaistow green 13 Mears of Ground
2nd / A Vein laying west the Aforesaid Great Rake vein about 10 yards Call’d Shack vein the said vein we Stowsed3 so farr as the aforesaid vein by Putting a Double Rank of Stowse on the aforesaid Great Rake vein which vein from the Great Rake founder4 Northwardly to Barkersfield Wall 18 Mears and Southwardly 13 Mears of Ground

3rd .. Church rake vein Westwardly from the founder to a Stake on the Cliff put down on the said vein by John and Thomas & James Willgoos’es the year 177 Seven being from the founder to that stake 16 Mear and Eastwardly to Plaistow green 5 Mear of Ground.

1 Stowse: Small models of the stowes, or handwinch, were erected at the end of each meer to denote Possession of title.
2 A meer: Is a piece of ground containing the ore vein typically 30 yards by 15 yards.
3 Stowsed(Stoced): Stoced is a reference to the possession Stowes
4 Founder Vein/Meer: The barmaster or his deputy granted title in a mine, the usual name for which was grove or groove, on receipt of proof that it was viable. The proof was a standard container, a dish, filled with about 65 pounds (29 kilograms) of ore from the mine in question. Every dish was calibrated by the barmaster twice a year against a brass standard dish. The miner thus granted title to the mine was said to have freed it, either for old if a development in an existing mine, or for new in the case of a new discovery. He was given permission to work two meers of ground, known as founder meers, with no restriction on width or depth. A third meer was the king's, and other miners were each allowed to open a further, taker meers, along the vein

4th../ White rake vein Southwest from their founder to a Stake Put down on Critch Cliff the year 177Seven John and Thomas and James Willgoos’es being from the founder to the said Stake 17 Mears and from the said founder North East to Plaistow green 9 Mears of Ground.

5th../ A vein call’d Sun Vein found South of the White (hiden word) about 10 yards which vein runs Parallell with White rake vein and we put a Double Rank of Stowse on the said vein Signifying for Sun vein being from the founder South=west 17 Mears & North East to Plaistow green 9 Mear

6th../ Pigtrough Vein from their Founder Southwest to a Stake on the Cliff Put down by John& Thomas & James Willgoos’es the year 177 seven being from the founder to that stake westwardly 14 Mears and Eastwardly to the Edge of Plaistow green 7 Mears of Ground.
N.B. we did put a Double Rank of Stowse on the Pigtrough vein Signifying for Posessions for
Leather Ears North East from the Founder 7 Mear and Southwest 14 Mears of Ground.

7th../ Old warrin Vein from a Stake that was put down by John Wright of Alderwasley and Anthony Willgoos of Critch the 177Six being from that stake on the Cliff North-East to Plaistow green 25 Mears of Ground

8th../ Hazel Hurst Vein / from a Stake on the Cliff put Down by John & Thomas & James Willgoos’es of Darley in the year 177Seven and from the said Stake South East to a vein call’d Old Warring aforesaid 18 Mears of Ground

9th..Merry Bird Vein / from a Stake on the Cliff that was put Down at the Request of the Propriter of Critch Sough and propiters of the Contrary side by John Wright aforesaid & Anthony Willgoose from that stake South East to the White Rake 12 Mears of Ground

10th../ Hiker Vein / Running from a Stake on the Cliff put Down by John Wright of Aderwasley and Anthony Willgoos of Critch in the Year 177Six at the request of John Berisford Taken from the said Stake we Stows’d South-East to the White Rake 12 Mears of Ground

11th../ Plaistowfield Vein / from a fence Adjoining Plaistowfield Which Divides the Liberty’s of Critch from that we call a private liberty / from the Sd..fence to the Great Rake Vein being 2 Mears of Ground

12th../ New Vein / from the founder north to Plaistowfield Liberty 10 Mears South to some stone pales Standing between the Close of Mr Towndrews /& that / that Anthony Flint being Tenant off being 12 Mears of Ground

An Account of the Several and Aforesaid Mentioned Veins (belonging to the Propriters of Critch Sough) within the manner & Liberty of Critch the said Proprioters of Critch Sough did Appoint William Curzon & Anthony Willgoose of Critch to be as Stowse Tenters for the said & aforesaid Mentioned Veins / Who have since the 18th Day of March 1778 have kept the aforesaid Veins in Lawfull Possession

13th..Undertown Vein / we did Stowse the 21 Day of April 177Eight from the founder Westwardly 15 Mear & Eastwardly to the Lavil of Mears of Ground

14th..Do.. Good-luck Vein / Westwardly to the Hospital Land 3 Mears from the founder & Eastwardly from the founder 10 Mears of Ground to the levile

15th..Do..Warm-wall vein running westwardly from the Levil 8 Mears

1781 August 4th Then tooke into possession of Critch Sough Proprietors a new Vein which Crosses the lane from the Cliff to Plaistow green 12 Mears

1782 March 28 Took into Possession the Fancy Vein from the Levile westwardly 9 Mears of Ground

Do.. Chance Vein / from the Founder South-East 11 Mears of Ground. Which we aforesaid did Stourse

1782 April 1 A New vein / running South-East from the Hospital Land 18 Mears of Ground

Do.. A Scrinn crossing the undertown Vein from the founder Westwardly to the Hospitall Land 4 Mears & Eastwardly 3 Mears of Ground
Which to the 1st Day of April 1782 is all in good and Lawfull Possession


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