News Snippets for 1934

What follows are news snippets with Crich Parish interest from various newspapers for the period 1934.

As with all transcriptions there could be "typos" which is always a possibilty with audio trancriptions, although care has been taken.

The following index shows parish names that appear in some of the reports – allow for spelling variations; plus omissions are possible owing to human error.

The list is of transcribed names in the reports and articles:


In the transcriptions names have been capitalised to aid quick searches; also some transcriptions have had minor edits.

Many of the newspaper reports of weddings at the time contained full details of clothing, bestman, bridesmaids, congregation and a list of presents received. Only the basic marriage details have been transcribed. Similarly funeral reports often gave long lists of mourners and floral tributes received. Refer to the original newspapers, which can be found on the "Find My Past" website, if the additional information is of interest.

During this period there were a great many references to sports reports and Crich Parish Council meetings which have not been transcribed.

Derby Daily Telegraph 1 January 1934
Crich Boy Scouts had their annual tea and social model weekend in the Church School. Miss AUSTIN presented prizes to Denis and Jack HARRISON, R. FRANK, J. LYNAM, S. HARRISON. Visitors present were the Rev and Mrs H.E. JONES, District Cubmaster HAMMOND, assistant County Commissioner for North-East Derbyshire. Arrangements were made by Scoutmaster R. PAGE, assisted by other officers.
At the Cubs’ party Miss HAMMOND (Cubmaster), and Miss Irene TAYLOR (Assistant Cubmaster) were in charge, assisted by Scout J. WILKINS, Cubmaster PAGE and Miss AUSTIN. A treasure hunt was won by Jack PAGE and Kenneth BREED.

Ripley and Heanor News 5 January 1934
At the monthly meeting of Crich Parish Council on Monday night, it was decided by a majority to hand over the Market Place to the County Council, the agreement being that the County Council keep it in a proper state of repair, put down kerbings and set up a footpath. The Parish Council, on their part, agreed not to let the Market Place for more than seven days in a year, and to be responsible for the clearing up after any lettings.

Derby Daily Telegraph 8 January 1934
Crich 1st Brownies Pack celebrated their first anniversary on Saturday with a tea and social. Brown Owl L. ROE was in charge, assisted by Tawny Owl O. CURZON. Other officers present were District Commissioner F. MACDONALD and Girl Guide Captain J. LESTER. Parents of the Brownies were invited to the social.

Derby Daily Telegraph 11 January 1934
The funeral took place at Crich Parish Church yesterday of Mr Joseph BEIGHTON (40), of Dial Farm, Crich, a well-known farmer.

Derby Daily Telegraph 12 January 1934
Mr George Henry HOWITT (50), of Whatstandwell, was buried in Crich Parish Churchyard yesterday. Mr J. LISTER (manager) represented Whatstandwell (Sim’s) Stone Company for whom Mr HOWITT was a former foreman of the masons. Wreaths were sent by the directors and workmen.

Belper News 19 January 1934
It is interesting to note that Bristol City, who so nearly defeated Derby County in the F.A. Cup-tie on Saturday, have as their trainer a Belper man, Mr Ernest MELLOR, whose home is at Openwoodgate. Mr MELLOR is a native of Crich, and as a youth he played football for his village. Before going to Bristol City he was at Nottingham County and Northampton as assistant trainer and trainer respectively.
[Note: Derby County won 1-0; the game was played at Derby on 17 January 1934]

Ripley and Heanor News 19 January 1934
… Today the best known clubs are called “Hikers.” They may be easily picked out from ordinary ramblers, for the women wear shorts and their dad’s pit shoes, and the men wear khaki shorts and their own. They also carry immense packs containing a groundsheet, a tent, other shoes, household furniture, a primus stove, a tin kettle, and a lot of grub. They are prepared for anything …

Ripley and Heanor News 26 January 1934
Mr and Mrs John J. ATKINS, of Welbeck Street, Witwell, celebrated their golden wedding anniversary last Saturday. They were married at Duffield Parish Church. Of the marriage there were seven children, and there are 27 grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren. Mr ATKINS is 73 and his wife 68. Mr ATKINS, who is a native of Crich, started work at the Ambergate Lime Works at the age of 10, and before removing to Whitwell, 25 years ago, he was employed at the Morton and Tibshelf Colleries. He has been incapacitated for the last 14 years. Mrs ATKINS is a native of Ambergate.

Derby Daily Telegraph 13 February 1934
Crich School of Dancing presented “The Babes in the Wood” pantomime in Fritchley Congregational School. Mr G. HOLMES was producer and Mrs W. EXTON the pianist.
[there were more than 40 performers most of whom were named in the subsequent report]

Derby Daily Telegraph 15 February 1934
Mr John LIMB (87), of Crich Common, the oldest member of Brackenfield Oddfellows Club, was buried at Crich Parish Church yesterday.

Derby Daily Telegraph 17 February 1934
The Crich Parish mortuary at the parish room has been completed and passed as entirely satisfactory. The work has been carried out by the Parish Council.
[Note: currently little is known about this mortuary]

Derby Daily Telegraph 2 March 1934
Miss J. AARON, a certified teacher at Crich Church School, relinquished her position yesterday on account of her forthcoming marriage. The staff and scholars presented her with six Jacobean tumblers and a water jug, and a case of fish cutlery. Mr J HAYWOOD (headmaster), in making the presentation, spoke of the good services rendered by Miss AARON, and said they were sorry to lose her. They wish her every happiness.
[Note: at this time there was a “Marriage Bar” preventing married women from teaching (and other professions); this was gradually removed for teachers from 1944 onwards]

Derby Daily Telegraph 7 March 1934
Cyril HOUSLEY, haulage contractor, of The Common, Crich, was ordered to pay 4s costs for failing to sign his driving licence.

Derby Daily Telegraph 5 April 1934
The Rev W. BROWN (Ripley), officiated at the wedding of Miss Mary E. HOLLINGSWORTH, the only daughter of Mr and Mrs S. HOLLINGSWORTH, of Crich, to Mr C. Neale TURNER, son of Mr and Mrs Charles TURNER, Wingfield Park, South Wingfield, at Ripley Methodist Church.
[there followed a report of the wedding]

Derby Daily Telegraph 14 April 1934
At the 13th annual meeting of the Crich Comrades Club last night it was stated that the club was £387 in debt. Mr M. DEACON, of Chase Cliffe, said that it would be a pity for the club to close down, and if the trial of two months could be made to carry on he would undertake to finance any losses incurred during that period. In the meantime he suggested that an effort should be made to increase the membership. It was decided that the club should continue until the end of June, when a further meeting will be held. An amendment proposed by Mr W.T. CURZON that the club be dissolved immediately was defeated, only five voting for it.
[Note: in the Belper News dated 20 April 1934 there was a long report about the financial problems at the Crich Comrades Club]

Derby Daily Telegraph 20 April 1934
The death took place yesterday of Mr Edward WATKINS (85), of Chestnut Bank, Fritchley, near Crich, who was for many years a member of the Belper Board of Guardians and the Belper Rural Council. He was also a member of the Crich Parish Council, and took a great interest in all parochial matters. Mr WATKINS was a member of the Society of Friends, and took part in the work of the Society at Fritchley. The funeral will take place tomorrow at the Friends Burial Ground, Furnace.
[For information on the Quaker burial ground: Toldhole Furnace]

Belper News 27 April 1934
There was a long obituary to Edward WATKINS, with photograph

photo of Edward Watkins 1934

Derby Daily Telegraph 8 May 1934
The funeral took place at Crich Parish Church, of Mr Henry MELLORS (76), of the Common, Crich. He had resided for many years in Crich, and was a workman on the L.M.S.Railway until his retirement.

Derby Daily Telegraph 10 May 1934
A well-known Crich resident, Mr John H. PIGGIN (84), was buried at Crich Parish Church yesterday, where for 30 years he had been a bellringer.
[there followed a report of the funeral]

Derby Daily Telegraph 14 May 1934
Crich Baptists held their Sunday School anniversary yesterday, when special festival music was given by the scholars and an augmented choir, under the direction of Mr A. LEAFE, with Mrs L. GREENHOUGH at the organ.

Derby Daily Telegraph 21 May 1934
At Crich Parish Church on Saturday, Miss Gladys COOPER, of Whatstandwell, was married to Mr John BRIDDON (South Wingfield), the secretary of South Wingfield Miners' Welfare Ambulance Class. The members of the class presented Mr BRIDDON with a dressing case.

Derby Daily Telegraph 23 May 1934
Crich Memorial Tower, commemorating the names of men of the Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire regiment), who gave their lives in the Great War, is to be illuminated by a lamp of the lighthouse type. This will replace the present system of large fixed bulbs of high candlepower, which has proved costly to maintain.
[there followed an article about the Memorial Tower]

Derby Daily Telegraph 24 May 1934
Mrs E. WHYLES (68), wife of ex-police sergeant J. WHYLES, of Sandy-Lane, Crich, died yesterday at her home. She was an active church worker and a member of the Mothers’ Union.
[An obituary, with photograph was recorded in the Belper News dated 1 June 1934.]

photo of Elizabeth Whyles 1934

Derby Daily Telegraph 25 May 1934
Nurse CLARK, who has been the district nurse in the Crich area for the last three years, was yesterday presented with an occasional chair and an English cut glass flower vase, on the occasion of her forthcoming marriage and retirement. The inscription read: “Presented to Nurse CLARK by the Officers and Committee of the Crich and District Nursing Association as a token of appreciation of her splendid work in the district”. Mrs A. SMITH (secretary), on behalf of the Association, made the presentation, and expressed the best wishes of the officials and committee.

Ripley and Heanor News 25 May 1934
A very pretty wedding was solemnised at Crich Parish Church on Saturday, the contracting parties being Miss Elizabeth KNEEBONE, daughter of Mr and Mrs G. KNEEBONE, of North View, Crich, and Mr Wilfred PARKIN, second son of Mr and Mrs Wilfred PARKIN, Church Street, Heage.
[there followed a report of the wedding]

Belper News 15 June 1934
The funeral took place on Saturday at Crich Parish Churchyard of Mrs Beatrice GREGORY (40), Crich Carr, widow of Mr Ernest GREGORY, who was killed in the war. The deceased died suddenly at her home.
[there followed a report of the funeral]
Her husband is recorded on Crich Roll of Honour: Ernest Gregory

Belper News 15 June 1934
The Sherwood Foresters Old Comrades Association has decided to spend £100 over two years in placing a revolving light on the Crich Memorial Tower.
[there followed a report of the meeting]

Derby Daily Telegraph 23 June 1934
Mr George BRUMWELL, of Crich Post Office, has been elected as Crich representative on the Old-age Pensions Committee in the Ripley district.

Derby Daily Telegraph; 23 June 1934
An anonymous donor has sent £1 to the Crich Miners' Welfare Committee towards the provision of another swing on the Welfare ground. The Committee recently erected a number of swings on the ground.

Belper News 29 June 1934

Crich carnival 1934

Ripley and Heanor News 6 July 1934
Percy WETTON (16), of The Common, Crich, was admitted to Ripley Hospital on Tuesday, with crushed fingers on the right hand, caused in an accident with a motor lorry on Hartshay Hill.

Derby Daily Telegraph 11 July 1934
Crich Comrades Club is to continue. At the annual meeting of Crich Comrades Club in April last it was decided to carry on the club for a probationary period of three months. At the end of that. The position was to be reviewed, and unless there was a great improvement financially the club will be closed. Today a “Telegraph” representative was informed by the secretary (Mr W.E. CURZON) that the position financially had greatly improved and the club would definitely carry on.
[there followed further commentary on the position of the club]

Derby Daily Telegraph 20 July 1934
Belper police report that a man giving the name of Atma Sanda KAMLANI, who described himself as an Indian barrister, was found lying beneath his bedroom window at a guesthouse at Crich, last night. he has head injuries and is detained in Belper Institution. KAMLANI had been staying at Ludlow’s Vegetarian Guest House, at The Briars, Crich, for about a month. He intimated to Mr LUDLOW yesterday morning that he would be leaving the district today for London. Mr LUDLOW was sitting in his drawing room last night when he heard a thud outside the window. He then found KAMLANI lying in a semi-conscious condition on the stone paving. He had apparently fallen from his bedroom window about 14 foot above. The “Telegraph” is informed that KAMLANI had been fasting for two or three days.

Belper News 27 July 1934
News reached his mother at Openwoodgate, on Friday, of the sudden death in Canada of Mr Francis Clay MARSHALL, who lived at Crich and Belper before going to Canada 28 years ago. Mr MARSHALL was the only son of the late Sgt MARSHALL, of the Derbyshire Constabulary, and of Mrs MARSHALL, Openwoodgate. As a young man he worked on his father's farm at Crich, and went to Canada at the age of 25 to take up farming, ultimately he secured a farm of his own, and at his death he was the owner of a large ranch. His last visit to England was eight years ago, when he attended his parent’s golden wedding celebrations at Openwoodgate. Mr MARSHALL was 52 years of age.

photo of Frncis Marshall 1934

Derby Daily Telegraph 28 July 1934
Leonard ROTHERHAM, of Park Head, Crich, has been awarded the B.Sc, London, with first-class honours. He is only 20 years of age, and in his first year obtained first place and silver medal for chemistry and second place for physics. He is an old student of the Herbert Strutt School, Belper.

Belper News 10 August 1934
The wedding was solemnised at Christ Church, Holloway, on Saturday between Miss Olive Muriel DOCKERILL, second daughter of Mr and Mrs A. DOCKERILL, of Lea Bridge, and Mr James Stanley FANTOM, son of Mrs W. BRUMWELL, Crich.
[there followed a report of the wedding]
Mr and Mrs FANTOM are to reside at “The Bungalow,” Crich.

Ripley and Heanor News 10 August 1934
An inquest was held at Derbyshire Royal Infirmary on Wednesday relative to the death of Arnold Malcolm STANLEY, aged 13, of Fritchley, who died in the institution from injuries received in a collision on July 31.
[there followed a report of the inquest; STANLEY had crashed his cycle on The Dimple,]

Derby Daily Telegraph 10 September 1934
The wedding took place on Saturday of Miss Elsie Adeline HASLAM, only daughter of Mr and Mrs A. HASLAM, of Torswood, The Common, Crich, and Mr Henry Frank OLDFIELD, youngest son of Mrs OLDFIELD and the late Mr J.J. OLDFIELD, of The Crescent, Ambergate.
[there followed a report of the wedding]

Derby Daily Telegraph 17 September 1934
Miss Olive CURZON, daughter of Mrs CURZON, of Hillside, Fritchley, was married at Crich Baptist Church on Saturday to Mr Samuel CUTTS, son of Mr and Mrs CUTTS of Eastwood.
[there followed a report of the wedding]

Derby Daily Telegraph 18 September 1934
The first sports promoted by Crich Welfare have been held. Messrs I. OLLERENSHAW, J. RILEY, and C CLARK were the judges, and Mr I. COLEMAN the starter, and Messrs DAY and LEES the handicappers. Mr S. BOWMER presented the prizes and also opened a new set of children’s swings on the Welfare ground. He was presented with a set of carvers by the Welfare Committee.
[there followed a list of winners]

Derby Daily Telegraph 18 September 1934
Mr John WALKER (49), of Surgery Lane, Crich, who died yesterday, was wounded and gassed while serving with the Army in France. Among the organisations with which he was connected were the Sherwood Foresters Old Comrades Association, the Crich Comrades Club, and the British Legion. A widow and four children are bereaved. The funeral will be at Crich Parish Church tomorrow.
[ He is recorded on Crich Roll of Honour: John WALKER]

Ashbourne Telegraph 21 September 1934
Mrs BURT of Crich, gave an interesting lecture on the “Educated Infant,” emphasising the importance of the right training of the child in infancy.

Ripley and Heanor News 5 October 1934
The wedding was solemnised at the Parish Church, Ripley, on Saturday, of Miss Hilda COOPE, only daughter of Mr and Mrs William COOPE, of Havelock Street, Ripley, and Mr Samuel HOLMES, son of Mr and Mrs Samuel HOLMES, Old Vicarage, Crich.
[there followed a report of the wedding]

Derby Daily Telegraph 15 October 1934
Accused of using a motor-lorry with defective tyres, Frederick PORTER, of Bottom Side, Crich, was ordered to pay 4s costs.

Derby Daily Telegraph 24 October 1934
Many representatives were present at the funeral at Crich Parish Church yesterday of Mr Ernest HARRISON (40), a well-known Whatstandwell bandsman, who died as the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary, where he had undergone an operation. He was a former member of Crich Band and a local billiard player. He won a medal last year with Crich Welfare billiard team. He was also a member of the Comrades Billiard Club. Her service was conducted at Crich Carr Zion Methodist Church.
[there followed a report of the funeral]

Derby Daily Telegraph 25 October 1934
John WRAGG (41), of Fold-yard, Crich, is detained at the Infirmary with injuries to his leg. He is a quarryman employed by the Clay Cross Company, and was injured by a fall of stone while at work.

Belper News 26 October 1934
The wedding was solemnised on Monday at Crich Parish Church, between Miss Ethel Irene TAYLOR, only daughter of Mr and Mrs P.P. TAYLOR, the Market Place, Crich and Mr Joseph CURZON, son of Mrs CURZON, of Crich, and the late Mr CURZON. The bride is Assistant Cubmaster of Crich Wolf Cubs and was formerly a Girl Guide and Ranger, and associated with Crich Welfare Tennis Club, Crich Swimming Club Committee, Crich Church Bible Class and St Mary’s Church. The bridegroom has been an engineer in Bueos Aries, South America, and come from there some time ago to Crich.
[there followed a report of the wedding]

Derby Daily Telegraph 1 November 1934
Mr W. LEES relinquished his duties yesterday as headmaster of Fritchley Church School, an appointment he has filled for a number of years. He is succeeded by Mr BISHOP, who comes from Gloucestershire. The “Telegraph” understands that Mr LEES is not leaving the Crich district for the present. He is a lay reader at Fritchley Church Mission.

Ripley and Heanor News 2 November 1934
The marriage was solemnised at Ripley Parish Church on Saturday last of Mr Fred ALLSOP, son of Mr and Mrs Fred ALLSOP, of Yew Trees, Chapel Lane, Crich, and Miss Evelyn COOKE, daughter of Mr and Mrs James COOKE of Hammersmith, Ripley.
[there followed a report of the wedding]

Derby Daily Telegraph 7 November 1934
Mr Charles STOCKS (84), of The Common, Crich, who died yesterday, had resided in the village nearly all his life.

Derby Daily Telegraph 14 November 1934
A Wessington chorister and Sunday school teacher, Miss Annie M. WHEATCROFT, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs J. WHEATCROFT, was married at Wessington Parish Church yesterday. The bridegroom was Mr Clifford WRAGG, of Crich
[there followed a report of the wedding]

Derby Daily Telegraph 15 November 1934
The funeral took place at Crich Parish Church, yesterday, of Margaret Rose SIMS (3), daughter of Mr and Mrs J. SIMS, of Fritchley, Crich, who died in the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary on Saturday from bronchial pneumonia. About a month ago the child was being wheeled in a pushchair by her brother near her home when a crossbred English sheepdog jumped off a wall onto the pushchair and attacked the child. The dog was beaten off after dragging the child from some distance, and injuring her face. Margaret was taken home and attended by a doctor. Some days later she was taken to the infirmary seriously ill. Four girls who had been Margaret’s playmates acted as bearers at the funeral. They were May and Gracie PORTER, and May CROWDER, and Freda STOCKS. The mourners included the parents, grandparents and other relatives.

Derby Daily Telegraph 15 November 1934
Employees of the Clay Cross Company at Crich Quarry were the bearers at the funeral of Mr Maurice HEAPPEY, of North View, Crich who died in the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary following an accident at the quarry.

Ripley and Heanor News 23 November 1934
A verdict of “Accidental death” was returned by a jury at an inquest at the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary on Tuesday on Maurice HEAPPEY, 24, quarry man, of 2, North View, The Common, Crich, who sustained fatal injuries when working in the Clay Cross Company quarry, at Crich, on Thursday, November 8.
[there followed a report of the inquest]

Derby Daily Telegraph 24 November 1934
The following pupils from the Crich district were successful at the recent examination of the Trinity College of Music, held in Derby: Margaret HOUSLEY (honours), Doreen FLINDERS, Nancy HASLAM, Muriel FOX, and Betty DOLMAN.

Derby Daily Telegraph 5 December 1934
A woman’s attempt to carry on a picture theatre at Crich after her first husband’s death was mentioned at a meeting of creditors at Nottingham yesterday. The woman concerned is Mrs Mary Olive ASHMAN (34) wife of Frank Edgar ASHMAN, in lodgings at the School House, Whatstandwell and until recently residing at the Cinema Bungalow, Crich, and carrying on business as a cinema proprietress at the Picture House, Crich.
[there followed a report on the proceedings]

Ripley and Heanor News 7 December 1934
A well-known figure in the Crich and Fritchley district passed away on Friday in the person of Mr James FRITCHLEY, of The Nook, Fritchley, at 76 years of age. He had been ill about a month. A native of Fritchley, deceased had been churchwarden at Sawmills Mission Church for many years and a member of Brackenfield School Managers. He was formerly a member of Brackenfield Church choir.
[there followed a report of the funeral]

Derby Daily Telegraph 8 December 1934
The scholars of Crich Carr Church School gave their annual concert last night. The Misses TURNER, LEES, and ASHLEY had trained the children.
[a list of children taking part followed]

Derby Daily Telegraph 27 December 1934
Two Crich men were involved in motoring accident yesterday, and are in the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary. Laurence HODGSON (37), of Beech Farm, Wheatcroft, Crich, a pillion rider on a motor-cycle which was being driven by a friend at Washington, suffered injuries to his back when the machine was in collision with another vehicle.
Maurice SPENCER (26), of The Cross, Crich, was motor-cycling at Swarkstone with Ernest GEORGE (40), of Victory-road Derby, on the pillion, when they had a spill. Both were admitted to the Infirmary – SPENCER with head injuries and GEORGE with arm and leg injuries.

Belper News 28 December 1934
Much local interest was taken in the wedding at Holloway Zion Methodist Church on Saturday of Miss Frances RADFORD, youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs P. RADFORD, Over Holloway, and Mr John HALLAM, son of Mr and Mrs W. HALLAM, Crich
[there followed a report of the wedding]