Stiles and Gates in Crich Parish

With thanks to George Wigglesworth.

Map showing names and positions of Stiles and Gates in 1777 in the Crich – Holloway area.

Nnames of stiles and gates in Crich area


Photos courtesy Peter Holden

Crich stile

Stile leading from the Tors to Chadwicknick

 I took these in part to show the range of stiles in the parish and for some the methods adopted by farmers to prevent animals passing through them. Farming to me is an interesting occupation as it has changed so very much in some ways and not so much in others. Most farmers are asset rich in the sense of the value of their land and buildings, but as to whether cash rich I know not. They farm their land now with machines and little labour and this in part will explain the way that hedges, fences and stiles are repaired/closed with various non-aesthetic devises such as pallets and iron sheeting.

Peter Holden


Boundary stiles

Photo George Wigglesworth

photo of boundary stone 3

Photos Peter Patilla

photo of boundary marker in Culland Wood

Boundary marker in Culland Wood

boundary stone off Lynam Lane

Boundary marker on footpath off Lynam Lane leading down to the River Amber

Photo Ken Hawley

photo of boundary maker at Park Head

Boundary marker on footpath between Parkhead and Hollins Lane


Parish Stiles


Stile in Crich



Crich stile

gate-stile at top of the Tors steps

Photo Ian Lawrence

Crich Stile

Footpath to Parkhead

Photos Crich Junior School

Crich Stile

Crich stile