Tollbar houses and cottages in Crich area

Photo Peter Patilla

Tollbar cottages on Bullbridge Hill

Tollbar cottage on Bullbridge Hill opposite Allen Lane

Photo from Geoff Dawes archive

Crich tollbar gateposts

Crich tollbar posts were moved to a nearby farmer's field

Photo Peter Patilla

Tollhouse at Holloway

Tollbar cottage at Holloway on the Crich to Cromford road

postcard from Geoff Dawes archive

Tollbar gate at Ambergate

Tollbar at Ambergate on the A6 beside the Hurt Arms


Note: The toll bar at Parkhead were destroyed when he road was widened at Reservoir Corner. The posts were removed to become part of the wall dividing 'top side' and 'bottom side' of the Common at the top of the Dimple.