Harold TOMLINSON 1902 – 1950

Royal Navy

Boy servant on Pembroke I

There is an oddity over his name. His family were named "Tomlinson Duffield" however, Harold went by the middle part of the name TOMLINSON dropping the surname part of DUFFIELD. His birth was registered as Harold TOMLINSON in Q4 of 1902.

birth of Harold Tomlinson 1902

1911 Census: Crich

1911 census harold tomlinson

Recorded as Harold Tomlinson Duffield

In 1920 Harold enlisted into the Royal Navy

Register of Service 1853–1924
Stewards and Domestics

Harold Tomlinson Royal navy record

Harold, born 2 October 1902, enlisted on 20 July 1920 serving aboard hms Pembroke until 12 June 1922.

On leaving the Navy he married Annie I. C. WEST in Q1 of 1929.

1939 Register: Hill Crest, Fritchley

1939 register Hold Tomlinson


Harold died aged 48 in Q4 of 1950.

His widow, Annie, remarried in Q1 1964 to Percy SMITH.