Will of Samuel Wheatcroft of Wessington dated 1756

Transcribed by Neil Mitchell and reproduced with his permission

In the name of God Amen, I Samuel WHEATCROFT of Washington/ in the parish of Crich in the County of Derby Maltster being weak in body but/ of sound & perfect mind & memory Blessed be God for the same do make ordain/ & publish this my last Will & Testament in manner & form following, that is to say/ First I give my soul into the hands of God that gave it and my Body to the Earth/ to be decently buried at the discretion of my Executors herein after named and as/ touching the Temporal Estate which it hath pleased almighty God to bestow/ upon me I ordain give & dispose thereof as follows. Imprimis, I will that all my just debts and funeral expenses be well and duly paid. Item. I will & my/ mind is that my Executors herein after named do & shall collect & gather all such/ moneys as are any ways owing me whether upon Bill, Bonds, Notes, Mortgages or/ Book debts (unless such as they judge to be already placed out to interest in good hands)/ and after the defraying of my just Debts & funeral expenses thereout, to put out the/ remainder to interest & my mind & will is that the interest or use money arising/ therefrom to be applyed(sic) to & for the Duration & bringing up of my children in a godly and/ Christian like manner with meat drink washing & schooling and is and may be judged/ fit & convenient for their fortunes & station. Item. I further will & order that my/loving wife Anne WHEATCROFT shall head the care & management of the Education and/ bringing up of my said Children till they shall each attain to their respective ages of/ one & twenty years in case she keep unmarried and execute such care & trust reposed in her to the/ satisfaction of my said executors hereafter named, and also that during all the time she shall/ have the Children with her & take care of them as aforesaid she shall have & receive all the/ foresaid use or Interest money for & towards paying and doing the same, But in case my said/ Executors should find just cause to take the Children from her as aforesaid then my mind/ & Will is that from such time my sd(said) Wife shall only have an annuity of Two pounds a/ year for her own use payable out of the Interest money aforementioned for such time/ as my Son John WHEATCROFT shall be under age & till such time as she shall be entituled(sic) to/ other Legacies hereafter bequeathed her, provided she keep unmarried, and my Executors herein/ after named shall have the care & management of my sd(said) Children, and receive the Interest/ money aforesaid themselves. Item. I give & bequeath to my said Wife Anne WHEATCROFT my/ new Bible during her life & after her decease I give the same to my Daughter Mary WHEAT/CROFT to her & her Heirs for ever. Item I give & bequeath to my said Daughter Mary/ WHEATCROFT the full & just sum of one hundred pounds of lawfull money of Great Britain/ to be paid her by my Executors when she shall attain her full age of one & twenty years./ Item I give & devise unto my Wife Anne WHEATCROFT an annuity of four pounds a year/ to begin & commence when my son John WHEATCROFT shall attain to his full age of one/ & twenty years, to be paid to her yearly & every year during her natural life, provided/ she keep herself unmarried. Item. My mind & will is that if the Interest or use of my/ money so placed out as aforesaid, & the profits arising from my Lead Mine at Wirkworth/ in the County of Derby afd(aforesaid?) be not sufficient for the Education & bringing up of my Children/ it shall & may be lawfull for my Executors to take out of the stock to & for the same, But/ not unless the yearly income aforesaid be not sufficient. Item. My mind & will is/ that if my said Daughter Mary should die before she have received her said fortune of/ one hundred pounds as aforesaid & so by that means it come to my said Son/ John, that then & in case he shall pay to my said Wife Anne WHEATCROFT his/ Mother an additional annuity of twenty shillings a year, yearly during her natural/ life over and above the foresaid annuity of four pounds, to begin & continue in the same/ manner as that is to do. Item. My mind & will is that if my said Son John WHEAT?CROFT should die without Issue before he receive his portion hereafter to him bequeathed/


and so by that means my Daughter should become entituled(sic) to the whole, that then &/ in this case my said Daughter Mary shall pay unto her Mother an additional annuity/ of forty shillings a year, yearly during her natural life over & above the foresaid/ annuity of four pounds to begin & continue in the same manner as that is to do./ Item. All the rest & residue of my Goods Chattels & Estate real & personal what/soever & wheresoever the same may or can be found I give devise & bequeath the/ same to my said son John WHEATCROFT, when & at such time as he shall attain to his/ full & just age of one & twenty years, to him & his Heirs forever, and for want of/ such issue I give devise & bequeath the same to my Brother William WHEATCROFT, to/ him & his Heirs forever. But in case my said Children die without Heirs as afd(aforesaid?)/ so as my Goods, Chattels, Money & effects come to my said Brother William, my/ mind & will is, that from such time my said Wife Anne WHEATCROFT/ shall have the/ Interest use thereof during her natural life, provided she keeps unmarried/ as aforesaid. Item. I give & bequeath to my sd(said) Wife Anne WHEATCROFT in case/ she marry again, the sum of five pounds to be paid her at such time of her/ marriage & my mind & Will is that from & after such time of her contracting/marriage all annuities to her before left & bequeathed in this my last Will &/ Testament shall cease & determine, as also the case & management of the/ Children & that she shall by such marriage lose & forfeit every annuity and/ other priviledge(sic) heretofore bequeathed her in this Will & be entituled(sic) only/ to the foresaid sum of five pounds & nothing further. Item. I give & bequeath to my said Wife Anne, Daughter Mary & Son John each of them a Crown piece/ to keep for a pocket piece. Item. I will & ordain that any of my wearing Cloaths(sic) that my wife shall judge suitable for my Son, shall be kept for his use, and the/ rest that shall not be thought so, I give & bequeath to my Brother William WHEATCROFT./ Item. Lastly I do hereby nominate constitute & appoint my sd(said) Brother William/ WHEATCROFT & my Brother in law Joseph SOWTER of Doway Lane in the parish of/ Ashover Executors of this my last will & Testament and do hereby give & bequeath/ to each of them the sum of half a Guinea a piece for & in recompense of any/ trouble they shall or may be at in executing the care and trust reposed in them/ and I do hereby revoke all former wills by me heretofore made either in word or/ writing. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal the/ thirteenth day of November in the year one thousand and seven hundred/ & fifty six and in the thirtieth year of King George the second. I./

Signed sealed published & declared by the/ above named Samuel WHEATCROFT to be his last/ Will & Testament in the presence of us who have/ subscribed our names as witnesses in the said Testators/ presence./

John his X mark ALLEN/

Sibyl her X mark FOX/


Samuel WHEATCROFT (and his seal)./


Lichfield 1st January 1757/

Let a Probate of this Will be Granted to William/

WHEATCROFT & Joseph SEWTER the Executors named/


They being sworn before me/

Thos WHITE Snr?/


Lich: 1. Jaury/



de Crich/

2: Ex: sicid?