Will of William Wheatcroft of Wessington dated 1775

Transcribed by Neil Mitchell and reproduced with his permission

In the name of God, Amen. I William WHEATCROFT of Washington/ in the parish of Crich, and county of Derby, yeoman, considering the uncertainty of this mortal life, and being of sound mind and memory/ do make and publish this my Last Will and Testament in manner and/ form following. First I will and order that all such just debts/ as I shall happen to owe at the time of my decease, together with/ my funeral, and testamentary expenses, shall be fully paid/ satisfied and discharged. And I give and bequeath unto my/ dear wife Margaret WHEATCROFT, the possession of my House/ and Farm wherein I now live, and all my stock of Cattle, Houshold Goods and husbandry Utensills, until such time as my Son John/ WHEATCROFT comes to his full age of twenty one years, and then my/ mind and will is That my said son John WHEATCROFT shall have/ the same, excepting such Houshold Goods as my said wife shall find/ necessary, and have occasion to make use of herself, when she goes/ to another House. But if it shall happen that my said Son John/ WHEATCROFT die before he attains his said age of twenty one years,/ and leave no issue of his body lawfully begotten, Then my mind/ and will is That my said wife shall have the possession of my/ Farm aforesaid, & stock & Goods before mentioned for and during/ the Term of her natural life; and at her decease (or sooner in case/ she do not chuse to occupy it her self) I would have John WALKER/ who married my Niece Mary WHEATCROFT, to have the possession/ of my said Farm; but I would have the Goods and Stock to be at/ my said Wife’s own disposal./

Also I give and bequeath to my said dear wife Margaret/ WHEATCROFT all the interest of the money which I now have out upon/ securities, for and during the Term of her natural life; and at her decease, I give and bequeath the said principal money to my said son/ John WHEATCROFT, if then living, or to his lawfull issue, if dead; But/ in case my said Son John WHEATCROFT should be dead, and have left no/ lawfull issue of his body surviving, Then, and in such case only, I/ would have one hundred pounds of the said principal money to be/ at my said wife’s disposal; and the remainder to go to the said John/ WALKER, he paying thereout one hundred pounds to my Niece Sarah/ HODGKINSON./

Likewise I will and order, and it is my mind and intention/ That in case my Sister Mary HODGKINSON, shall survive her now/ husband Joseph HODGKINSON, and be necessitous, that then my said/ wife Margaret WHEATCROFT shall pay her annually the Sum of forty/ shillings, by four quarterly payments, of ten shillings each, for and/ towards her support and maintenance./

Also, I give and devise unto my said dear wife Margaret/ WHEATCROFT all my Houses and Lands in Washington aforesaid,/ and all my real estate whatsoever and wheresoever, for and/ during the term of her natural life; and from and after her decease/ I give and devise the same unto my said Son John WHEATCROFT,/ and to the heirs of his body lawfully begotten, or to be begotten, for/ ever and for want, or in default of such issue, Then I give and/ devise the same (after my said wife’s decease) unto my Nephew/ William HODGKINSON, son of the aforesaid Joseph HODGKINSON, of Washington aforesaid, Blacksmith, and to the heirs of his body/ lawfully begotten, or to be begotten for ever. And in default of/ such issue, Then I give and devise the same to my own right heirs/ for ever./

And I do hereby nominate, constitute and appoint her/ my said loving wife Margaret WHEATCROFT sole executrix of this/ my Will; and do commit to her the care and management and/ bringing up of my said Son John WHEATCROFT, till he arrive at/ his full age of twenty one years : Likewise I do hereby also/ constitute and appoint my loving kinsmen, Jacob REDFERN, of Wheatcroft, and William LEAM, of Frichley, both in the parish of/ Crich, aforesaid, yeomen, Overseers and Trustees of this my will,/ desiring that they will see the same punctually executed, and assist/ my said dear wife in the execution thereof, and in case my said/ wife should die before my said Son John WHEATCROFT comes/ of full age, Then I commit the care and management of my said/ son, to them, my said Trustees, until such time as he arrives at/ his said age of twenty one years as aforesaid./

And lastly, I do hereby revoke, disannul and make/ void all and every other former Will, and Wills, either by word of, mouth, or in writing, by me at any time or times heretofore/ made, and do declare this Writing only, to be, and contain my last/ Will and Testament. In witness whereof, I the said William/ WHEATCROFT (the Testator) have hereunto set, and put my hand/ and seal this eight day of June, one thousand seven hundred/ and seventy five./

William his X mark & seal WHEATCROFT

Signed, Sealed, delivered, published. and declared by the testator William/ WHEATCROFT as, for and to be his Last/ Will and Testament, in the presence of. us who have subscribed our names/ as witnesses hereto, in the said Testators presence, and in the presence of one/ another.


Edward his X mark RAGG/


at Ufton Barnes 18th October 1775./

Let a Probate of this Will be granted to Margaret WHEATCROFT/ widow the sole Executrix therein named./


Who being duly sworn before me/

Ant: CARR Surrogate/


Ufton Bs 18o Octobr/





1=Ex:C Sine/