which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

Fifteenth & Tenth Tax Granted to Elizabeth 1 in 1566

Dr Alan Wilcockson

Below is a record of the second collection of the 1/15th & 1/10th Tax which took place on the 1st November 1568. The tax itself was granted to Queen Elizabeth I in 1566 and the amount to be paid was based on the believed movable wealth of that parish. As such it gives an idea of the wealth of Crich parish compared to other Morleyston wapentake parishes.

In transcribing the names of each parish I have used the modern names given in the National Archives sheet on this collection even if they differed from the actual written text.

This fragment (Ref No. E176/94/406 part 7), held at the National Archives, is part of the particulars of account of the collector of the second moiety of the fifteenth and tenth granted to Queen Elizabeth 1 in 1566 for Morleyston wapentake. A comparison with other documents shows that these particulars originally also included Litchurch and Scarsdale wapentakes.

Osmaston by Derby 6s 8d 0 6s (missing)
Radbourne 23s 5s 18s
Litchurch 11s 2s 9s
Kirk Langley 23s 6d 10s 13s 6d
Burnaston 19s 6d 3s 8d 15s 10d
Ilkeston 26s 8d 0 26s 8d
Little Eaton 26s 8d 5s 8d 21s
Pentrich 40s 6d 6s 8d 33s 10d
Smalley 25s 9d 4s 5d 21s 4d
Ripley 40s 1d 9s 31s 1d
Kidsleypark 10s 2d 2s 4d 7s 10d
Crich 35s 10s 25s
Kirk Hallam 16s 6d 2s 14s 6d
Breadsall 38s 14s 24s
West Hallam 33s 8s 15s
Hopwell 16s 8d 0 16s 8d
Benelthorpe (Wilsthorpe) 14s 4d 5s 9s 4d
Morley 28s 6d 12s 16s 6d
Heage 30s 4s 26s
Long Eaton 46s 3d 4s 5d 41s 10d
  Sum Oneris £88 0s 16d
  Sum Deduc* £17 10s 10d
  Sum Remanen £70 10s 6d
*e**or**** moithie of the Reman Somis before written is to be collected for the second moithie of the 15th & 10th granted Anno viii Re** Elizabeth And due premis Die Novembr 1568
  Sum Oner £580 3s 2d ob
  Sum Deduc* £30 3s 4d
  Sum Reman £549 19s 10d ob
      £74 19s 11d



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