which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.

Church Memorials as recorded in Glover's Directory (1833)

Transcribed by Alan Flint.

photo of tomb in Crich Church

Arms and Inscriptions in the Church.

At the west end of this church, within a pew, is a brass plate to David Woodhouse, who died 27th Feb. 1749, aged 66 years; and Mary, his wife, died 3rd July, 1766, aged 75.

And above the same is a black marble monument to their two daughters. Jane Woodhouse, died 31st December, 1803, aged 73 ; and Dorothy Woodhouse, died 1st May, 1819, aged 91.

ln the chancel, on the south wall, there is a neat white marble monument to the son of the above David and Mary. To the memory of David Woodhouse, gent, who died 26th May, 1804, aged 73. Ann, his wife, died 26th February, 1822, aged 70.

On the door of a pew, in the middle aisle, is a brass plate, inscribed - Robert Alsibrooke, gent. died 20th March, 1771. Susanna, his wife, died 7th December, 1809. Their daughter, Susanna Lawley, died 7th June, 1814.

On the pavement of the middle aisle is a brass plate to John Kirkland, yeoman, buried here, whose ancestors and he lived at Wheatcroft, in the parish of Crich above 500 years.

Till gentle death did end their days;
Yet we will give to God the praise. 1652.

From a table of donations over the porch door, it appears that this John Kirkland left 40s. a year to the poor of Crich, to be paid from lands at Wheatcroft.

Near to the last brass there is another, in the same aisle, to Robert Marshall, esq. and Margaret, his wyfe, Who in this town lived quietly above fifty years without debate or stryfe.

There are two shields of arms over the arch which divides the chancel from the body of the church; they have been painted, but are hardly visible from the white wash. They appear to be the arms of the Earl of Shrewsbury, and his wife, Elizabeth Hardwick: viz.
ARMS of Talbot - Gules, a Lion rampant within a border, engrailed, Or.
SUPPORTERS - Two Talbots.
The other is a lozenge shield, supported by two Stags, ........., collared, ......... Nothing is to be seen but a saltier engrailed, and a chief.
The ARMS of Hardwick are - Argent, a saltier, engrailed, Azure, on a chief of the second, three cinquefoils of the first.

The Earl of Shrewsbury had large possessions in Crich, and belonged to the neighbouring manor house and estate of South Wingfield.

On the right hand side of the chancel is an altar tomb with the effigy of a man resting his feet on a dog traced thereon, on the ledge of the slab is a Latin inscription to Godfrey Berresford, esq. son and heir of Adam Berresford, of Bentley, esq. and servant to George, Earl of Shrewsbury. He died 29th Nov. 1513.

The Arms at the top are nearly defaced, but were originally meant for the Arms of Berresford and Hassall, viz. 1 and 4, Argent, a Bear rampant, muzzled, collared and chained, Or, Berresford: and 2 and 3 per chevron, Argent and Or, three Pheons' heads, Sable, Hassall

On the wall above the last is Mr. Woodhouse's monument, before described.

On the left side of the chancel there is an altar tomb of alabaster. The inscription, which is almost defaced. is on the slab at the top; but the name of Clay is to be seen in several places; and from the arms thereon, it seems to have been erected to a person of the name of Clay, his two wives, and their five children. There are three shields, the middle one is Parti per pale Baron, and two femees per fesse. 1st, Clay. Argent, a chevron engrailed, between three trefoils, Sable, impaling two coats per fesse, being his two wives; 1st, in chief, Calton, Or, a saltier, engrailed, between four cross crosslets, Sable; 2nd, in base, Ferrers, vaire, Or and Gules.

On the right hand and left of this shield there are two single shields, one of Calton, and the other of Ferrers.

The side and end presented to view have five kneeling figures, being children of the above Clay; over each is inscribed their names, 1st, Susannah; 2nd, Mary; 3rd, Penelope, nupta erat Thomas Brailsford, senior; and on the end William and Theophilus.

This monument to the Clays appears to have been erected to the memory of John Clay, esq. who died in 1632, and Mary, his first wife, daughter of William Calton, of Calton, esq. Chief Cock Matcher and Servant of the Hawks to Henry VIII. and widow of ...... Charnels, of Snareston, esq. she died in 1583: his second wife was the widow of German Pole, esq. and daughter of Edward Ferrers, of Tamworth, esq.

There is a quaint epitaph thereon, in which there is a continual play on the name.

Under a pointed arch, in the north aisle, there is a recumbent effigy of a man in armour, resting his feet on a dog. Neither arms, inscription nor date is visible ; though probably, if the side of the tomb was not hid by a pew, arms might be seen. This part of the church seems probably to have been the burial place of the Wakebridge family, of Wakebridge, in this parish, and of their descendants, the Poles, also of that place.

In some church notes, taken about 1710 by Mr. Bassano, a herald painter of Derby, there is, says Messrs. Lysons, mention made of the monument of Sir William Wakebridge, knt. There appears to be none remaining that answers to this monument, except the one above described.

There is also another monument, mentioned in the same church notes, to German Pole, of Wakebridge, esq. who died April 19, 1588 This monument is probably the blue slab, inlaid with brasses, at the end of the north aisle, but which is nearly covered with a pew.

At the west end of this north aisle is a neat mural monument to the Rev. ......... Mason, .......... vicar of Crich.

In the window, at the east end of the north aisle, there is a shield of arms, Azure, two chevrons, Or, being the arms of the ancient family of Fitz Ralph, Lords of Crich.

There appears to have been arms and other painted glass in the east window, but at this time the only coat visible is, ......... a bend between six roundles; and that but very indistinct.

On the north wall of the chancel is a curious brass, for an infant child of a Rev. ......... Shelmerdine, and on one side the figure of a child in swaddling clothes, with the following inscription :
Noe sooner bloomed but blasted,
Yet to revive with time at the refreshing.
Ephraim Shelmerdine, March 1, 1637.

On the north side of the outside of this church is an altar tomb, under a pointed arch. To the memory of Thomas England, vicar of Crich, who died 7th Feb. 1730.

On the outside of the church, under the east end, is the burial place of the family of Wright. There are several stones against the wall to John Wright, late of Crich, died 6th September, 1777, aged 59 yrs
Joseph, son of John and Mary Wright, died 5th August, 1764, aged 4 years.
Sarah, their daughter, died 22nd September, 1796, aged 25 years.
Susannah, their daughter, died 16th March, 1800, aged 34 years.
Ann, their daughter, died 8th February, 1804, aged 36 years
Mary, wife of John Wright, died 27tb July, 1814, aged 80 years.
Another, to the grand-daughter of the above John and Mary, inscribed, Mary, daughter of Nathaniel Wright, of Marple, esq. died 13th July, 1812, aged 14 years,

In the churchyard there are two altar tombs to the Woodhouse family, relations to those interred in the church.
T. Woodhouse, 1746. S. Woodhouse, 1776.
T. Woodhouse, 1792, Jane Woodhouse, 1793.

On the east end of the church-yard is a table monument, with brass plate, to Hellen, filia Richard Taylor and uxor Johanis Reynolds, de Plaistow, gent. obiit. 10th January, 1771.
Hellen, their daughter, died 20th January, 1723, aged 4 years

List of Vicars
Rev. – Shelmerdine
-- Thomas England, died 7th February, 1730.
-- --Walker.
Rev. – Davenport
-- -- Mason
-- Thomas Cornthwayte, 1831

Bradshaw John, of Wheatcroft Rent Charge 0 7 6 Poor Will, 1639
Gisborne Rev. Francis Funded Property 7 5 0 Poor, clothing Deed, 1817, Will, 1818
Kirkland John Rent Charge 2 0 0 Poor 1652, out of a farm at Wheatcroft
Ditto Ditto 0 5 0 Poor Out of Sheldon Pingle
Lowe Edward, of Plaistow Ditto 0 5 0 Poor ) Will, 1694
Ditto Ditto 0 5 0 Minister )



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