which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

The STORER Family of Crich

The following notes have been submitted by Alan Brigham.

George (1780 –1859) and Hannah (née Radford) STORER (1783 – 1863)

George was born 14 May 1780 Crich. His parents were George and Martha (née RILEY) STORER.

His siblings included Dorothy (13 October 1799), Jenny (27 May1787), John (11 October1784), Martha (17 October 1790), Mary (10 October 1781), Matilda (26 May 1793), Phoebe (9 May1803), Ruth (28 March 1779), Samuel (13 October 1796), and Sarah (12 October 1794).

He died 11 June1859, aged 79, of “old age” in Crich. Reported by John Wetton.

Hiis wife, Hannah, was born 1783 in Fritchley. She died 26 February1863, aged 79 of “Senectus Pneumonia” in Crich. Reported by Mary Storer (son John’s wife probably)

George and Hannah were married 13 December 1802 in Crich.

Known children were Isaac (13 October 1803), Hannah (7April 1805), John (1811), Sarah (2 April 1815), Aaron (1 September 1816), Julia (24 May1818), Jacob (9 April 1820), Harriot (14 March 1824), Abraham (30 November 1828), George (1831), Moses (1832). Additionally there are under the Wesleyan Cromford Circuit (for Crich) George (Bn 1December1808, ch 28 December1808), John (Bn 26 September 1810, ch14 October 1810), Thomas (Bn 14 November 1806, ch 14 December 1806 – see also Will below), Moses (Bn 31October 1812, ch 22 November 1812) 

1841 Census shows them with Abraham, George, Harriet, John, & Moses, in Alderwasley; George is a farmer. Believe that George was a class leader in connection with the Primitive Methodists

1851 Census shows George and Hannah at Towngate Farm (66 acres with two labourers), with three servants and son John (blind)

1861 Census shows Hannah (widow) (aged 77) in Chapel lane, Crich Common, with her son John (Blind) (Fund Holder) and his wife Mary. Also Emma Wallace (1854 step daughter – Mary’s daughter as both born in Stepney)

1871 & 1881 Census shows John (Blind) with Mary and stepdaughter Emma Wallace in Crich. He is a Yeoman and Wesleyan Local Preacher.

1891 Census shows John with Emma in Chapel Lane, Crich-both he and his step daughter are shown as “living on own means”. Wife Mary died 27 September1884, age 72, and John 15 June 1891, age 80

George Storer's will made 1859

All my Real & Personal Estate to my Dear wife Hannah Storer. After her decease, to my son John Storer, subject to payment of £19 each to my other sons and daughters now living, and the sum of £19 to my grandson Isaac Storer(son of my late son Isaac Storer) and the sum of £19 to be equally divided between the children of my late son Thomas Storer
I appoint my said son John Storer and my friends Joseph Wighton of Fritchley (Bobbin manufacturer) and Benjamin Taylor of Crich as Executors of my estate.

At probate dated 18 August 1859, the total value of his estate was under £20 (£1403 at 2006 value). Not enough to satisfy his will !!

Executors were son John, Friends Joseph Wightman & Benjamin Taylor

Aaron (1816 – 1889) and Charlotte (née Coleman) STORER (1810 – 1891)

Aaron STORER (1816–1889) was the brother of the famous blind preacher John STORER and Overseer and Highway Surveyor for Crich Parish.

Aaron was born 01September 1816 in Crich; his parents were George & Hannah.

Siblings – Abraham (30 November 1828), Hannah (7 April 1805), Harriot (14 March 1824), Isaac (13 October 1803), John (1811) Jacob (9 April 1820), Julia (24 May 1818), and Sarah (2 April 1815). He died 9 April 1889 (aged 73) in Crich, of “apoplexy”. Reported by grandson John Coleman

His wife, Charlotte Coleman, was born 25 October 1810 in Selston, Notts. Her parents were John and Sarah Coleman and she had fifteen siblings.
Charlotte died 26 May1891 in Crich (aged 84, as shown on the death certificate) of “senile decay”. Reported by Daniel Foulds (husband of daughter Hannah)

Aaron and Charlotte married 31 July 1836, in Radford, Notts. Their children included John (1830 or 1833), Sarah (1837), George (1838, possibly died 1839), Hannah (1840), Thomas (1843), Harriet (1845), James (1847– -28 March 1850), Isaac (1851)

1841 Census Aaron and Charlotte in Crich with John, Sarah, and Hannah. Aaron is a labourer and Charlotte a framework knitter.

1851 census Aaron and Charlotte at Top Crich with their family (Hannah, Harriet, Sarah, Thomas). Aaron was shown as a Labourer.  Hannah, as a Seamstress and Harriet and Sarah in Cotton Factory. Note Joseph Coleman (Labourer) is shown as a lodger, but is Charlotte’s son (see note below)

1857 White’s directory show Aaron Storer as Landlord of the Bulls Head. Cannot confirm this is the same Aaron Storer

1860 marriage of daughter Hannah. Aaron shown as Stone Setter

1861 census Aaron and Charlotte in Crich with family Harriet, Isaac. Also granddaughter Sarah (Hannah’s illegitimate daughter). Aaron as a foreman in Limestone Quarry. Harriet as a framework knitter.

Derby Mercury: 21 Sep 1864
FATAL ACCIDENT – On Tuesday, an inquest was held before Mr Coroner Whiston on the body of William Dibb, who met with his death whilst in the capacity of limestone quarryman at the Crich Limestone Quarries, belonging to the Clay Cross Company, and under the management of Mr John Jeffries. The inquest was held at Mr Benjamin taylor’s the Bulls Head Inn, Crich, before a respectable jury. – John Woolley stated that he was working near the deceased, and that another man, named Aaron Storer, was watching for the deceased whilst getting loose stone, when a large stone fell on him. The usual precautions against accidents had been taken by Aaron Storer watching, and he decided that they should remove. Unfortunately, the deceased did not leave when requested by the watcher who left the ground, and the stone, which was about eight tons in weight, rolled over him, crushing him in a dreadful manner, and causing his death. – Aaron Storer, overlooker of the quarries, was with Dibbs more than an hour, and cautioned not to remain in the position where he was standing, when he came to the bottom and said he would leave it. He remained behind, however, and went to another part, believing he could loosen more stone. The witness having left him, and gone about 200 yards away, he heard a fall of stone, which threw the deceased to the bottom of the quarry, a distance of 28 feet, and resulted in his death. – The jury returned a verdict of “Accidental death” and added that no blame was to be attached to any person with the exception of the deceased, who did not come away when requested.

1871 census Aaron and Charlotte with just granddaughter Sarah, in Cliffside area. Aaron still foreman in Limestone Quarry

1873 Crich and area Return of Landowners. Aaron owned 2 acres 2 rods 28 perches, with gross estimated rental of £10 15s 0d

Derby Mercury: 2 April 1873
APPOINTMENT OF OVERSEERS AND SURVEYORS – The following is a list of persons appointed as Overseers of the Poor and Surveyors of Highways in the Belper Petty Sessional Division – Overseers: Crich, Luke Alsop and Robert Boag – Surveyors: Crich, Thomas Dawes and Aaron Storer

Derby Mercury: 7 April 1875
APPOINTMENT OF OVERSEERS AND SURVEYORS – The following is a list of persons appointed as overseers of the poor and serveyors of the highways in the Belper Petty Sessional Division for the ensuing year – Overseers: Crich, Luke Alsop and Robert Boag – Surveyors: Crich, George Curzon and Aaraon Storer

Derby Mercury: 10 April 1878
HIGHWAY MEETING – The first meeting of this newly appointed committee was held in the National Schoolroom on Monday the 1st inst when all the members were present. Mr Dunn was in the chair, and Mr S. Bower in the vice chair. Mr Dunn informed the committee that although they were met to conduct the business of the highway, he found that the surveyor already appointed by the vestry had sole power over the highways during his term of office, and unless the surveyor would give his consent in writing to be under the control of the committee, he did not see what would be the use of meeting there. – Mr Aaron Storer, the surveyor, although not inclined to give a written consent to be under the committee, said he would be very pleased to work with them. – Mr S. Bower proposed and Mr T. Sayles seconded, “That the committee remain as a committee of inspection to assist the surveyor in the discharge of his duties” – Mr J. Burton moved as an amendment, and Mr george Stafford seconded. “That if the committee have no power they should dissolve at once” – The chairman voted for the amendment, but Mr Bower’s proposition was carried. The committee recommended that the surveyor make a highway rate of 7d in the pound for the ensuing year. It was also decided to give the Baptist authorities the sum of £3 to improve the road leading from the Market Place to Whatstandwell Station, near to the Baptist chapel now in the course of erection. – Mr R. Bryan moved that the committee meet once every two months, which was duly carried – The usual vote of thanks to the Chairman brought the meeting to a close.

Derby Mercury: 11 September 1878
[Before L. E. MANN Esq (Chairman) J.H. WOOLLEY Esq, and HERBERT STRUTT Esq]
Adam Barnes of Crich, quarryman, was summoned by Aaron Storer, surveyor of the highways for Crich, for taking away certain materials, to wit, one load of stone, out of a certain quarry without the consent of the surveyor of highways. The complainant said that a quarry had recently been opened at Crich for parish purposes. On the 28th ult he found the defendant in the act of getting stone, and a truck loaded with stone, which defendant said he should take. The Bench were of the opinion that the Highways Act, under which the proceedings had been taken, had not been complied with, and dismissed the case.

Derby Mercury: 8 May 1878
PAROCHIAL COMMITTEE – The following parochial committees were re-appointed – Crich: Mr Wm. Yeomans, Mr George Coup, Mr Samuel Bower, Mr G.G. Bates, Mr Thomas Gratton, Mr Isaac Petts, Mr Robert Boag, Mr Johan Simms, Mr george Wheatcroft, Mr James Lee, Mr Aaron Storer, Mr Thomas Bowmer, Mr George Strafford, and Mr Jeremiah Burton

Derby Mercury: 21 April 1880
RURAL SANITATION AUTHORITY – The first meeting was held at the termination of the relief cases – Joshua Roberts Esq was unanimously re-appointed chairman – The following Sanitary Parochial Committees were appointed – Crich: Messrs William Yeomans, R. Peach, Thomas Davis, A Sims, George Coup, S. Bower, G.G. Bates, Thomas Gratton, Isaac Petts, Robert Boag, James Lee, Aaron Storer, Thomas Bowmer, George Strafford, Jeremiah Burton and B. Taylor.

1881 census Aaron and Charlotte still in Rock House, Cliffside area. Aaron shown as foreman in Stone Quarry. Granddaughter Sarah now married to John Eyre Bower and in the house with their son John Charles

1891 census shows Charlotte at Cliffe Quarry and now joined by her eldest son John Coleman(!!) (stone Quarryman) and his son Isaac Coleman

Note – Aaron’s Will states he was a Foreman with the Clay Cross Company
Note – Aaron and Charlotte looked after their grand daughter Sarah until she married and left for Leicester
Note – Reference their son John. The 1891 census shows him born in 1830 in Selston. Aaron would have been 14 and Charlotte 20. As he was born in Selston, as was his mother, was he illegitimate ?? He is with the family in 1841(aged 8). 1851 census  shows a “Joseph Coalman” (Enumerator’s errors?) Lodger aged 18 born in Selston . 1891 shows a transcription error (from Coleman by enumerator to Storer by transcriber). In 1861 he (a Coleman) is with his wife Mary Ann (Clark) and family in Crich (and he has named his second son Aaron). Also in 1871(as Coalmen) with his family (and a daughter named Charlotte). In 1881 (as Colman) a widower with his family.  Looks as though he was a Coleman, and born before Aaron and Charlotte met?

See below for Aaron’s will. Note that 2/6d is £10 in 2009 RPI value!! Suspect it was worth a lot more

Aaron Storer made his will 09 March 1886 (he died 09 April 1889)
I give to my wife Charlotte Storer a weekly sum of 2 shillings and sixpence to be paid weekly during the term of her natural life, out of my real estate. After her demise all my real and personal estate shall be sold. The proceeds to be equally divided between daughter Hannah Foulds of Plaistow Green (the wife of Daniel Foulds, Framework Knitter), my son Thomas Storer of Northwing Field (Blacksmith), my son Isaac Storer of Halefax (??) (Blacksmith) and granddaughter Sarah Bower, the wife of John Bower now residing in Leicestershire
I appoint my nephew Moses Storer of Alderwasley (schoolmaster) as my Executor.
Probate grant of 8 May1889 confirms Moses Storer as Executor, Gross value of estate was £64.18.0

Gross value £64 18s 0d at 2009 values would be –
£5,320 using the Retail Price Index
£6,890 using the GDP deflator
£33,000 using the average earnings
£38,700 using the per capita GDP
£64,400 using the share of GDP

Charlotte died aged eighty-one (PR states eighty-four) and was buried 23 May 1891 at Crich.

Hannah Foulds (née STORER) c1840 – 1917

More is known about Aaron and Charlotte's daughter Hannah.

Hannah was born c1840* in Crich. She was baptised 22 March 1840 at Crich. Her parents were Aaron & Charlotte Storer.

22 Sep1856, Hannah (aged 16) had an illegitimate daughter Sarah.

9 Feb 1860 she married Daniel Foulds (born 1840 of South Wingfield, father George) at Duffield Parish Church. Both living at Heage. Daniel a framework knitter. Witnesses Joseph Winson & Hector Souter.  Hannah signed with X

Their children included: Emily (1861), Rosalina (1862), Harriet (1864), George (1867), Millicent (1868), Rodger (1870), Mathew (1872), Hannah (1874), Ann (1876), Maria (1878)

1841 census shows Hannah with her parents in Crich

1851 census shows Hannah (aged 11) with her parents in Crich. She is shown as a Seamstress

1860 Marriage shows Hannah &  Danniel living at Heage

1861 census shows Hannah with her husband (and Emily) at his mother’s (Hannah) house in South Wingfield. He is a farm labourer

1871 census Hannah with her husband and their children in South Wingfield. He is a cotton Framework knitter.

1881 Census Hannah with her husband in Plaistow Green and 6 of their children (Rosalina, Roger, Mathew, Hannah, Ann, Maria). He was a Farmer four acres and wool throwster

1891 census  Hannah and Daniel as above but in Plaistow Green (Crich). He is a Framework knitter Hosiery. Two daughters (Hannah and Ann) in factory and one son (Mathew) in Limestone Quarry

1901 census Hannah (aged 62) with husband and a married daughter (Hannah Radford)** still in Plaistow Green, and he still a framework knitter

1911 census Hannah and Daniel at Town End, Crich (a four-room house). Daniel is shown as a Framework knitter and also a Pensioner Old Age. Hannah also a Pensioner Old Age. Hannah shows ten children of which only five living. This does not include Sarah, as she is not “of this marriage”

Daniel died ¼ March 1917(age 78)

Hannah died (Friday)18 May1917, age 78, at Church St, Matlock, of Senile Decay. Reported by son-in-law Thomas Dickens(of same address, married to Hannah’s daughter Rosalina, also known as Rosealma)   

Her daughter Sarah Storer never joined her at the marital home.
Sarah was brought up by her(Hannah) parents Aaron & Charlotte Storer

* cannot find Hannah’s record of Birth on BMD Register( the entries for in Mar 1839 and Dec 1839 are not this Hannah)
** Daughter Hannah married Albert Radford ¼ Dec 1900

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