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Additions to the site Q4 2017

Date 2017 Topic  
December The Open Door - Church history View
  Updated WW1 histories View
  Crich carnival programme 1952 View
  Additional scout photos added View
  Photograph of Fritchley WI (c1950s?) View
  Fritchley Festival 1993 brochure View
  Fritchley Play: "Banners and Bobbins" 1992 View
  Crich Holy Well View
  Fritchley School Centenary Programme 1870-1970 View
  Local Tollbar houses View
  Site of Clay's Manor House at Crich View
  Canon's Court and Fitz Herbert's manor house at Crich View
  Memories of collecting coal View
  Memories of playing in Crich quarries View
  Lots of additional photographs added to the collections View
  Crich well dressings View
  Whatstandwell historical trail View
  St Mary's Church Rood Screen View

Note that the Crich Parish records to those who served are now at

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