Crich, Fritchley, Whatstandwell, Bullbridge, Crich Carr, Coddington, Wheatcroft, Wakebridge

Additions to the site Q2 2018

Date 2018 Topic  
May New school photographs View
  Church BMD 1913–1925 View
  Geoff Dawes Photo Archive (over 50 photographs) View
  Photo albums of Brian and Herbert Key (several albums) View
June Fritchley photos from Peter Black (several albums) View
  Herbert Key paintings of Crich through the ages View
  Oldest house in Fritchley photo View
  Wingfield Park Mill photo View
  Toplogical Dictionary 1831 View
  National Gazetteer 1868 View
  Photos of Cromford Canal View

Note that the Crich Parish records to those who served are now at .This site is constantly being updated on a regular basis

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