Crich, Fritchley, Whatstandwell, Bullbridge, Crich Carr, Coddington, Wheatcroft, Wakebridge

Additions to the site Q4 2021

Date 2021 Topic  
Oct Newspaper snippets 1914 View
  Newspaper snippets 1915 View
  Newspaper snippets 1916 View
Nov Newspaper snippets 1917 View
  Update of Francis Joseph Shacklock, cricketer View
  Crich soldiers who served in the 1800s View
  Additional information added to several WW1 soldiers View
Dec More soldiers who served in the 1800s View
  Early photographs of Crich reservoirs View
  Newspaper snippets 1918 View
  Newspaper snippets 1919 View

Note that the Crich Parish records to those who served are now at .

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