which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

Ashover Parish Boundary with Tansley 1777

A transcription by George Wigglesworth of a "perambulation" taken on the 29th May 1777.

We whose names are hereunto subscribed attended a perambulation made and taken on the 29th day of May in the year of our lord 1777 of the boundaries claimed on the part of the said parish of Ashover as adjoins the liberty of Tansley in the parish of Crich At which time Robert Wall, Samuel Limb, Job Hole, Robert Waterhouse, Hugh Hole and Henry Hole who all attended the same informed us they had been the said boundaries several times and could go and describe the same very nearly as they had before gone them but that there had been several inclosures in some places which was common where they or some of them had first gone the same, We met at a place called Stone Bridge where water runs out from Hugh Holes intake westwardly by a large stone in the road lying between the wall and the water, then we proceeded over the top of an intake belonging to Samuel Stubbing close by a bam in the same intake leaving the said bam on the left hand and so nearly in a strait line to Cow Well from thence by Ball's house leaving the house on the left hand and so over an intake formerly called Robert's intake and now Slaters intake and forewards in nearly a strait line to a high stone post or stone called Haslams Stone from thence to Nether Sandyford over which there is a stone bridge made with a large flat stone marked AP and another stone laid by it, We then proceeded forewards from the said bridge to an ancient stone marked AP lying nearly in a line from Nether Sandyford Bridge to Woodwards House and from that stone through the outbuildings belonging to Woodwards House and foreward in a strait line through Woodwards Inclosures to Cardingshaw Sitch to a stone marked AP in the said Sitch between the said Woodwards Onclosure and Bradleys Intake where we ended and we were informed by the said Hugh Hole that the said boundary was very nearly the same that he had gone twice with his father the first time about 63 years ago and the last about 60 years since and the said Henry Hole informed us that he went as near as he could remember the same Boundary upon a perambulation about 50 years ago and about 6 or 7 times between that time and 20 years ago and the said Robert Wall informed us that he had gone nearly the same Boundary upon a perambulation near 40 years ago and 6 or 7 times since and the said Samuel Limb, Job Hole and Robert Waterhouse informed us they had each of them been 3 or 4 times nearly the same boundary. Witness our hands

Rev John Bourne Rev John Cundall Richard Town...
W Marley Willm. Milnes Robert Barker
Geo. Hodgkinson Ralph Sam Kirk John Twigg
James Bradley John Haslam John Milnes
Job Allen Saml. Dethick Isaac ?arr
Willm. Bamford    

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