which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

Assessment to Charles I in 1641

Dr Alan Wilcockson

This composite roll contains the assessments for Morleyston and Litchurch wapentake (rots 1-3), Wirksworth wapentake (rots 4-6), Repton hundred (rots 7-8) and Appletree hundred (rots 9-12) towards the two subsidies granted in 1641 to Charles I. In all these areas William Abney of Willesley was named as high collector by the commissioners.

The estreats are individually dated (except that for Morleyston and Litchurch which has no date): Wirksworth on 3 November 1641, Repton on 11 October and Appletree on 14 October.

The below transcription is for the parish of Crich only and contained 9 names.

  Timothy Pusey Esquire in ter £4 £1 2s
  George Pole recust1 in ter £4 £3 4s
  John Kirkeland in bonis £3 16s
  John Salter in bonis £3 16s
  John Alsibrooke in bonis £3 16s
  Robert Wilcockson in bonis £3 16s
  Thomas Radford in bonis £3 16s
  Robert Iberson and Eliz: his wyfe  x pole   2s 8d
  Total   £8 18s 8d

1 A “Recusant” was one who refused to comply with the rites and ceremonies of the Church of England.  It was most commonly used of Roman Catholics and Nonconformists and other Protestant dissenters.

Words of which I am not sure are in red.

National Archives Reference No: E179/94/371

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