which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.

Baptist Minute book from 1839

The following are extracts from the Baptist Minutes Books, courtesy of Alan Flint, Secretary of Crich Baptist Church. They are only snippets of the more interesting entries. More to follow.

Transcribed by Peter Patilla.

23 Nov 1839 Resolved that we as a Christian Church Solemnly Revere the authority of the Good Lord of the Church By Celebrating his Last Supper on the First Sunday in every month
19 Aug 1840 Resolved that John Sheldon be the Sexton of this Burying Ground
03 Sep 1841 Resolved that Sister Sheldon ? visit Mrs Taylor next month
26 Dec 1841 Resolved that the visiting of Mrs Taylor be defered for the present time
24 Jan 1842 Resolved that Mary Mills be Accepted and that she stand a candidate for Baptism
20 Mar 1842 Resolved that we as a church accept Eliza Wilbraham as a candidate for baptism
22 May 1842 Resolved that we as a church Exclude Benjamin Hyden and his wife and that Brother Berrisford acquaint them with our conclusion
22 Aug1842 Resolved that Fr? Hardstone be baptised the first sabbath in August
Resolved that Esther Curzon be attended too the first convenient opportunity respecting her conduct
16 Oct 1842 Resolved that Brothers Sims, Sheldon and Higgott visit Wm. Taylor and bring the result to the next church meeting
Resolved that Esther Curzon be excluded from the church and that Bro. Berrisford informs her
20 Nov 1842 Resolved that Sarah Martin stand over for the present
15 Jan 1843 Resolved that Sister Swindle act as a female visitor
26 Feb 1843 Resolved that Brothers Sims and Garratt visit James Swindle and Enoch Harrison and bring the result of their visit to the next meeting
26 Mar 1843 Resolved that Joseph Brittland be conside (sic) a member from this church meeting
22 May 1843 1st Resolved that Mrs Hopkinson make the Buns for the children on Whitthurday
2nd that Mrs Mills and Swindle make the bread for the tea
3rd that F Chadwick distribute the tracts on Lordsday Morning
19 July 1843 Resolved that Brother Taylor be appointed to assist Bro. Higgott in the management of the sittings
17 July 1843 That Brother Mills and Garratt visit Enoch Harrison and bring the Result to the Next Church meeting
14 Aug 1843 That Broth. Mills officiate in the capacity of Elder
11 Sep 1843 Resolved that Brothers Higgott Bennett any ? use the office of deacon for the space of six months on trial
09 Oct 1843 1st Resolved that John Hardstone become a member of this church
2nd that Brother Mills and Taylor visit William Briddon as to his immorality and bring the result to the next church meeting
01 Jan 1844 1st Resolved that Briddon be excluded from this church
29 Jan 1844 1st that the candidates be approved for fellowship Mrs Graham Henry Cowlishaw, Jane Greenhough, James Butler and John Smith
15 Jul 1844 Died on the 9th instant Mrs Carter Garratt having ample testimony to the power and excellency of that Religion she had for many years professed may this ? ? be sanctified to the church in an eminent degree and may we follow her as she followed Christ till at length we arrive with her in the Regions of unclouded Glory
12 Aug 1844 That John Sims be excluded from the fellowship of this church
9 Sep 1844 Resolved that Mrs Brown and Isaac Dawes stand as candidate for baptism
2 Dec 1844 1st that Friend Dawes be suspended from the Lord Table for two months
2nd that F Chadwick be excluded
24 Mar 1845 Resolved that the Ministers in July for Crich be took by Mrs Curzon and that some recompense be made from the monthly contributions
Resolved that Wm. Greatorex & Thos Mills be requested to visit those members who never come forward to the means of Grace and with them their contribution and report to the next meeting
19 May 1845 Resolved that Brothers Mills and Bennit visit Mrs Hayns and bring the report to the next meeting.
11 Aug 1845 That Brothers Mills and F Chadwick has been aproved of by the Church to assist in the Ministry
8 Sep 1845 Resolved that H Cowlishaw provide the roobers for the winder blinds
06 Oct 1845 Resolved that A Hall and Mrs Hall be suspended for 3 months from church business and the ordinance.
Resolved that Hannah Foules and Mrs Hatfield come before the church for examination
19 Oct 1845 Resolved that T Mills & F Chadwick visit Isaac Daws and bring the report to the next meeting.
26 Jan 1846 Resolved that the candidates on Lords Day next come before the church for examination, Thos Hardstone and Cath. Willson
Henery Cowlishaw aproved of as an assistant preacher
Resolved that those members that stands in the book and dose nothing towards the cause be brought in be fore the Church next Church meeting
23 Feb 1846 Resolved that T Mills and S Bennit visits J Sims and bring the report to the next Church meeting.
Resolved that H Cowlishaw and Wm Greatorex visits J Swindal and brings the report to the next Church meeting
10 Aug1846 Resolved that Mrs Swindil and Hariet Wilbraham visit Mrs Berisford and bring the report to the Church
20 Ap 1847 Resolved that Mary Ann Mills, Mary Foules, Eliza Hardstone, Henry Hardstone come be fore the Church for examination
01 Jun 1848 Resolved that Moses Storer, Ann Sims, Mary Hardstone come before the church for exzamination
30 Dec 1849 Hannah Higton come before the church for examination
24 Mar 1850 Joseph Allin bought before the Church for examination
23 Jun 1851 Hannah Briddon, Samuel Leaf come before the Church for examination
06 Oct 1851 Resolved that Henery Cowlishaw point the Chapel
Resolved that Wm Greatorex and Harriott Wilbraham Dismal (?) to the church residing at Manchester
31 Jan 1853 1 Agreed that Frd. Bush be secretary for the coming year
2 that Frd Greatorex & Bush wait upon Mr Flint 'Moor' to endeavour to make purchase of land upon which to erect a Chapel on the Moor and report immediately
21 Mar 1853 1st that George Bonner Elizabeth Curzon Ann Martin and Benjamin Hides come before the Church for examination
16 May 1853 Proposed and seconded that Obadiah Newton is approve on as a fit person for Baptism
05 Sep 1853 That Elizabeth Curzon, Ann Martin, Sarah Walker and Anthony Greaves be received for Baptism and Fellowship
01 Jun 1855 That Benjamin Hydes, Joseph Allen be expelled for disorderly & immoral conduct. Also Lydia Smart for unchristian conduct
That John Hardstone & Sarah Hatfield, Thomas Hardstone and Elizabeth Hardstone his wife also Mary Hardwick be considered as non members
04 Jan 1858 Resolved that H Cowlishaw, I Petts and I Dawes be appointed to visit Mrs Hartsone for assisting at Publick House Tae Party on Srove Tuesday also Mrs E Radford for presenting herself there
02 Jul 1860 That Friend Wildgoose be desired to pay the amount he owes to the church either in regular instalments or the total amount (or be excluded the Church)


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