which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.

Crich Baptist Church rules 1839 – 1879

This has been copied with permission of Crich Baptist Church and with the kind cooperation of the Church Secretary, Alan Flint.

From the Minute Book 1839-1879

Baptist Rules

Rules to be observed by the general ?

Baptist Church at Crich

desighn (?) of promoting unity Peace love and Bosperity (?)

Rule th First

That we as a church shall Colect such officers as the sacred scriptures warrant namely that of deacons (elders) and Ministers each being expected to labour in the different deportments in which their offices may require

Rule th 2d

That their shall be a Meeting of the Members every month for the purpose of adopting such measures as shall tend to promote the Redeemers cause around us.

Rule th 3d

That every person at the aforesaid Meetings shall have a voice in every subject that may come on board, Bit only one shall speak at once.

Rule th 4th

That any Member disclosing anything, connected witrh the Internal affairs of the Church, shall be liable to severe discipline.

Rule th 5th

That every person indulging either in gross immoralities or lukewarmness disposition shall be promptly attended too and such measures adopted as shall tend to work a Reformation and eventually preserve the honour of Christianity

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