which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

Baptists at Wingfield Manor c1935

Sunday School Picnic


Photo courtesy of Alan Flint

Baptists at Wingfield Manor
Back Row: Mr A Haslam; Mrs M Taylor; Mrs M Gaunt; Miss Gaunt; Miss N Cowlishaw; Mrs Pegram, holding Barbara; Mr L Greenhough

Third Row: Joey Piggin; Mervyn Day; Mrs M Greenhough; Miss V Jackson; Mrs L Cooke; Mrs Booth; Mrs Beatrice Smith; Mrs D Braithwaite

Second Row: Miss N Curzon; Aileen Taylor; ; unknown boy; Cynthia Day; Cesil Day; Gordon Riley; unknown ; unknown; Billy Leafe; Colin Fantom; Stanley Davenport

Front Row: Richard Pegram; Michael Braithwaite; Marjorie Cooper; Maria G; Bessie Greenham; Joyce Martin; Peter Cooke; Pauline Booth; Betty Booth; John Leafe; Winnie Barber; Marjorie Cooke; Gwen W

Names courtesy Aileen Taylor & Rosemary Hall

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