which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

Robert Boag


The following information has been submitted by Prunella Bradshaw.

Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners’ Advocate
22 Oct 1904

An English contemporary announces the death of Mr. Robert Boag, of
Crich, Derbyshire in his 88th year. He was a brother of the late Mr.
Thomas Boag, who hold the position of locomotive superintendent at
Newcastle for about 28 years. It is said of the deceased, Robert Boag,
that he was one of the oldest inhabitants of the Crich district, and
one whose high character commanded the respect of all who knew him. He
is described as having been a man " of sound judgment and calm
reasoning ability, one to whom honour, integrity, and justice were not
mere terms, but who applied those principles to every act of his daily
life. He was a friend whose counsel and aid were never withheld, but
whose willing hand was ever outstretched to succour those in need." He
was a native of Northumberland, the home of the celebrated George
Stephenson, with whom he was intimately associated, and who, in fact,
was the means of attracting him to Derbyshire, when the Ambergate Lime
Works were constructed. Deceased's son. Mr. H P Boag, is now general
manager of the works at Crich and Ambergate.


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