which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

Revd Joseph Martyn Simmons vicar of Crich 1906–1917

newspaper clippiung of Revd Simmons

Interesting to read in the Derbyshire Times report of 1906 that the former vicar, Revd Geldart, took a dispondent view of the difficulties of Crich Parish.

Church working party – c1910

Church working party with Revd Simmons.

Photo courtesy Liz Suddes

Working party at St Mary's Church, Crich 1910

Outside St Mary's Church, Crich c 1910

Two lists of names have been provided for this photo. The first by Liz Suddes on the rear of the photo above. The second list was recorded at the back of another identical photo of unknown origin.

List 1
Back Row: Two sisters Wilton; Mrs Wragg; Mrs Oliver; Verger (Mr Piggin, 21 years); Vicar Simmons; Mrs Simmons; Daughter Helen Simmons; Mrs Done; Mrs Mercer

Middle Row: Mrs Collins; Mrs Barnes; Mrs E Piggin; Mrs Waring

Front Row: Mrs Piggin; Mrs Hayes; Mrs Holton; Mrs England / Adams

List 2
Back Row: Miss Sarah Wilton, Miss Mary Wilton (1), Miss Mary Wilton (2), Mrs Gover, Mr William Piggin, Revd Joseph Simmons with wife Elizabeth and daughter, two unknown ladies

Middle Row: Mrs Coleman, Mrs Barnes (née Perry), Mrs Piggin, Mrs Holmes, Mrs Elizabeth Mercer

Front Row: Mrs Piggin, Mrs Hayes, Mrs Holtham, Mrs England

The three Misses Wilton were from Wakebridge Farm. Sarah (c 1864) and Mary (c1852) were sisters and Mary (c1891) was their niece. The two sisters were originally from Biggin, their niece from Crich.

Mr Piggin is likely to be William Piggin, sexton (c1869) his wife was Lizzie (c1869)

Mrs Mercer would be Elizabeth Mercer (c1866) wife of Alfred Mercer the Crich Pharmacist.

Mrs Hayes was probably Mary Ann Hayes (nee Harper c1967) wife of John Hayes (quarryman)

Revd Joseph Martyn Simmons (c1871) was vicar of Crich 1906–1917. His wife was Elizabeth (c1875) and they had two daughters Helen Mary (c1902) and Lilian Faith (c1908)

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Derby Daily Telegraph 4 August 1916
The vicar of Crich Rev J Martyn SIMMONS,M.A. has resigned the living of Crich. The reasons given by the vicar or as follows: “After much thought and prayer, the vicar feels that he cannot any longer consistently with his private convictions remain in the National Church, and has therefore placed his resignation in the hands of the trustees.” Rev J M SIMMONS has been ten years in the diocese, being appointed to the living of Crich in 1906. He was ordained deacon in 1884. The living of Crich is in the gift of the following: Bishop STRATON, Mr C. C. KINGDON, Revs M. WASHINGTON and R.N. HURT


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