which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

Cowlishaw Family

The following notes have been submitted by Simon Johnson

James Cowlishaw was born at Crich circa 1831. He appears to have lived in or around the Crich parish throughout his life, where he was employed chiefly as a limestone quarryman, and also as a gamekeeper. He married Eliza Beresford, also a native of Crich, in 1854, and their marriage lasted approximately sixty years, until Eliza's death in 1914. They had a number of children together (including Thomas c1859, Charles c1863, George c1865, Sarah c1867, James c1873, Eliza c 1976). Both James and Eliza passed away at Crich, and are interred in the churchyard of St Mary's Church at Crich. Eliza lived c1833-1914, whilst James lived c1831-1918. The younger man on the photograph is believed to be their son, George Cowlishaw, another lifelong resident of the Crich parish. He lived 1864-1931.

James Cowlishaw

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