This site is all about the parish of Crich, which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.

Crich Bastardy Records

Derbyshire County Council, Derbyshire Record Office M610

Date Forename Surname Child Father Abode& occupation Male Payment Female payment Notes
1682 Elizabeth Hopkinson female Richard Hussey of Shirland      
1762 Sarah Holbrook male Cornelius Cheetham        
31 Mar 1777 Mary Sweeting (widow) Mary Robert Bright the younger of Wirksworth surgeon, now of mnsfield He paid £30 to be discharged of further demands   (Jacob Redfern & William Marsden chuchwardens, David Woodhouse Joseph Hepworth overseerers
1781 Mabel Hurst pregnant Jas. Holmes of Derby      
1789 Philis Brounskil single pregnant John Ratcliffe of Crich     Philis BROUNSKIL late of Rotherham, single, pregnant, desires to lye in at the house of John RATCLIFFE
6 Nov 1805 Alice Marshall single, pregnent William Heathcote of Ashbourne £1 5s for midwife then 1/6 pw   sworn before Charles Hurt JP. John Heathcote and Samuel Heathcote also mentioned
1805 Sarah Bennett   John Tooby of Derby      
2 Jan 1806 Jane Frichley pregnant Samuel Cupit of South Wingfield 25s then 1/6 pw    
17 Jul 1809 Hannah Sellors single, male delivered over two years ago Thomas Shipley of Arnold, FWK £26 9s    
19 Apr 1811 Sarah Duffield son James James Tomlinson of Crich, husbandsman 25s then 2s pw    
15 Jun 1813 Alice Marshall   John Tomlinson of Alfreton, collier     Warrant to apprehend John TOMLINSON of Alfreton, as putative father of bastard child of Alice MARSHALL of Crich. Note promising to pay £40 to Samuel LEAM, Crich Overseer by John TOMLINSON 1813
19 Apr 1814 Mary Arabella Varey female child Joseph Towndrow   25s then 2/- pw   Joseph TOWNDROW in custody of Thomas LITTON Keeper of the House of Correction at Ashbourne
6 Sep 1817 Mary Holland single, pregnant. Samuel Harley plumber and glazier      
11 Nov 1823 Dorothy Swindell male child on 13 Oct 1822 Peter Peach of Shipley, servant £4 9s then 2s pw court order    
1 Mar 1828 Phoebe Walker female child Isaac Jackson of Crich, labourer £1 11s then 2s pw court order    
23 Aug 1828 Hannah Wilkinson male on 21 Sep 1821 John Chell of Fritchley, millwright 2s p/w 1s pw  
23 Aug 1828 Mary Hall female Nathan Sulley of Arnold FWK £5 7s then 2s pw 1s p/w  
23 Aug 1828 Hannah Wilkinson female born 4 Jul 1823 John Chell of Fritchley millwright £10 then 2s pw    
4 Apr 1829 Hannah Wilkinson female Edmund Turner of South Wingfield, stone mason £1 5s then 2s pw 1s pw
19 Sep 1829 Hannah Stocks female on 28 Apr 1825 John Leam of Crich, butcher £2 14s 8d then 2s pw 1s pw  
1 Jan 1830 Jemima? Storer female on 11 dec 1829 Samuel Wheatley of Heanor, collier £1 5s then 2s pw 1s pw  
13 Mar 1830 Sarah Sellors female on 7 Feb 1830 Joseph Chell of Fritchley millwright £1 7s then 2s pw 1s pw
27 Mar 1830 Charlotte Noble male on 27 Dec 1829 Samuel Joyne? of Nottingham, miller £2 1s 6d then 2s pw 1s pw
16 Oct 1830 Martha White (late Dawes) female on 31 Oct 1829 William White of Arnold, FWK 18/6 then 2s pw 1s pw  
15 Jan 1831 Ruth Hall female on 22 nov 1830 James Baggerley of Butterley, moulder 12/6 then 2s pw 1s pw  
Sept 1831 Sarah Curzon male on 28 july 1830 George Alton of Alderwasley, cordwainer 17s then 2s pw 1s pw  
7 Apr 1832 Martha Barnes female on 29 nov 1831 William Ogden of South Wingfield, labourer £1 8s then 2s pw 1s pw  
28 Apr 1832 Sarah Harrison female on 22 mar 1832 Rowland Buxton of Crich, blacksmith £1 5s then 2s pw 1s pw  
17 Aug 1832 Eliza Storer male George Hazeldine of Bramcote, servant £2 then 2s pw 1s pw  
26 Oct 1832 Ann Stocks female on 21 May 1832 George Martin of Crich, FWK £3 11s then 2s pw 1s pw  
1 Jun 1833 Ann Storer female on 15 oct 1831? Richard Parkin of Matlock, farmer £1 5s then 2s pw 1s pw  
1835 Mary Vary   William Johnson of Nottingham, foundryman      
1835 Ann Walker   Joseph Beresford of Fritchely labourer      
1835 Ellen Harrison   William Else of Crich      




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