which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

Cartulary of the Wakebridge Chantries at Crich
Derbyshire Archaeological Society,
Record Series, Vol 6 for 1971
Editor Avron Saltman
Item 136 Pages 173-175
Indenture dated Michaelmas 1368

Copied by Dr Alan Wilcockson

The original document in Latin is held at the British Library in the Harley Manuscript series MS 3669, Shelf Ref: 54c, folio 94a.  Below is a synopsis of the document followed by part of the Latin text

Agreement between seventeen parishioners of Chrich (and others not named) and William of Weston, perpetual vicar of Crich.  All the ornaments, vestments, books etc. provided by the parishioners, individually or collectively, between 1349 and Michaelmas 1368 for the use of the chaplains and other ministers of the parish of Crich are of the perpetual vicars of Crich, but the ownership of the articles is to remain vested in the parishioners.  Neither the perpetual vicar nor Darley Abbey (rectors of Crich) are to have any rights of ownership, but they are not liable to restore articles stolen, lost, deteriorated etc. through no fault of theirs.  A list of articles is given – one vestment de viridi camaca (i.e. probably of silk dyed green or some other fine material), with two tunicles and a cope of the same worth £10, a cope1 worth 10 marks which Roger of Chesterfield, clerk, gave to William of Wakebridge and the other parishioners, a chalice worth 8 marks, a missal2 worth 100s. an antiphonar3 worth 60s. and a great psalter which William of Ballidon, formerly vicar of Chrich, gave William of Wakebridge and the other parishioners amongst his other benefactions to the church (1 October 1368).

Latin Text
(folio 94a) Hec4 indenture facta inter dominum Rogerum Beler, Willelmum de Wakebrugg’, Henricum de Codynton’, Rogerum Kybbull’ juniorem, Henricum de Merlache, Adam de Hull’, Thomam de Biggyng’, Henricum Clerk’, Robertum Burgylon’, Henricum de Plastowe, Symonem de Whetcroft’, Adam Couper, Petrum Couper de eadem, Johannem Hayward de Wyssinton’, et Ricardum Bateman de eadem, Johannem filium Roberti de Tannesleye et Adam Haselbache de eadem et alios quamplures ejusdem parochie vicinos et parochianos ville de Cruch’ ex una parte et Willelmum de Weston’ perpetuum vicarium ejusdem ville ex altera parte testatur quod cum plura ornamenta, veluti calices, libri, vestimenta, cape, superpelicia et alia minuta ornamenta in eadem ecclesia de Cruch’ per parochianos predictos singulariter et in communi ab anno domini millesimo cccmo quadragesimo nono et anno regni regis Edwardi tercii post conquestum vicesimo tercio usque festum Michaelis anno domini millesimo cccmo  lxmo octavo et anno regni regis Edwardi tercii post conquestum quadragesimo secundo ad subornandam dictam ecclesiam et pro usu capellanorum, clericorum et  aliorum divina in eademecclesia ministrancium fuerant empta, provisa et ordinata, prout inferius evidenter apparebit, videlicet unum vestimentum de viridi camaca cum duabus tunicis et una capa ejusdem sortis precii x li., et una capa bona precii x marcarum quam Rogerus de Chestrefeld clericus dedit Willelmo de Wakebrugg’ et aliis parochianis ville de Cruch’ ad…………………….(Continues)

1 Cope – Sleeveless hooded vestment worn over the alb or surplice in processions at solemn lauds and vespers

2 Missal – A book containing the complete of mass throughout the year

3 Antiphonar – A book containing a plainsong setting of sacred words, sung before and after a psalm or canticle in the Latin church service performed by two bodies of singers in alternation.

4 Editors comment – We have here what might be called a “Parish Council”.  The original document must have presented a fine appearance with the parishioners seals

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