which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

The Examination of John Dakin, 8th January 1605/06,
touching certain slanderous speeches
used by John Clay of Crich, gentleman,
concerning the Gunpowder Plot

Lambeth Palace Library
Ref: Talbot Papers MS 3203 Folio 380

Transcribed by Dr Alan Wilcockson

The examination of John Dakin, 8th January [1605/06], touching certain slanderous speeches used by John Clay of Crich, gentleman, accusing the Earl of Shrewsbury of being forewarned of the Gunpowder Plot and of absenting himself from Parliament 'under colour of his happy gout'; of having created Sir John Harpur, a man devoted to him, a deputy lieutenant of the county just before; and of conniving at the absence from Parliament of Sir John Harpur, a knight of the shire, and from London of Sir Charles Cavendish, annotated by the seventh Earl. Address in seventh Earl's hand

Speeches spoken by Mr John Clay of Crich in the county of Derbye
gent upon the eighth daie of January beinge Wednesday at
his house in Crich aforesaid to me John Dakin in the presence
of Thomas Williamson of Wakebridge & others.
Imprimis that he thought that there were certaine other personage of g***
honor (who were not yet imblasoned) in the accon of this late intended ****
And that he thought that some of the greatest men of this sheire above s***
Could thereof very hardly free them selves
Item that the Lord of S with some of his greatest familiars had recea(ved)
An advertisement (out of the loue that the papiste bore unto him) so that
Under collor of his happie goute, cloakinge his not apparance at the
Parliament houses neither him self nor any other his favorites of acco**
Within the foresaid county should have byn by the said treason endamaged
Item he absolutely and dyvers times (in scoffinge mann(er)) said that
Foresaid Lord meant not to have youe to London till the Scribbes of
Peacsie had byn blowne up.
Item that the presumtions were greate and many
First that the aforesaid Lord by virtue of his proxi att*r*eated not his ***
To some other noble man that would have byn present at the said Parliament
Secondlie that the said Lord hath created Sir John Harper knight
who is a man wholly devoted to the said Lord bodie and soule Lieuetenant
For the said county of Derbie a little before the instance or beginning
Of the said parliament
Lastly that the said Sir John Harper absented him
Self from the Parliament house at that season beinge one of the
Elected knights for the county
Item quoth he (in rejoycinge manner) they meant to have had a
Parliament of theire owne hereafter
Item he marvelled why Sir Charles Cavendish knight did not
Goe up to London with the aforesaid Lord, but returned at Leicester
And did f*ske with them as he was want to doe.
Item (quoth he) I remember that when the said Lord was made a
Privie counsellor, there was great postinge downe into the countrie
To declare the same, but nowe all meanes are studied to conceale
Or dissemble this matter
Item to conclude he affirmed that heretofore never any of the Lord
T. were attainted of Treason
Whereupon I the said J(ohn): D(eakin): replied, I marvell how this can be so,
For as***ch as I heare that a commission is nowe a sittinge or newlie
Sitton betweene the said Lord and the Lady dowager his mother in la**
And that my father mr Richard Dakin is one of the commissioners
To the wrh he againe answered that the Lord of Northumberland doth
Proceede still in buildinge of his house at Sion, notwithstandinge his
Nowe the said Tho: W(illiamson): although he did not confirme the said speeches, y**
He seemed to rejoyce at this newes and spoke certaine
Speeces somewhat tending to the disgrace rather then to the honor
The said Lord of S(hrewsbury), but yet of no great amount or note

Written vertically in the margin
He sayeth further ** a f***cheman was x***** & ***de all this, though he dothe and p***th understand ………...(remaining line unreadable)

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