which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

Yelverton & Dawbarns Joinery Works, Whatstandwell

Photo courtesy of Les Barber

The photograph was taken at the Dawbarns Joinery Works before 1936. It was one of the main employers in the parish at that time.

Dawbarns work force

Back Row extreme right: John Ernest Lynam (he was a local Methodist lay preacher).
Seated, third from left (in trilby) Frederic Dawbarn (b. 1877, Bootle)

Horace Frederick (Fred) Else is second from the left front row and wearing a cap and polo neck jumper; sixth from the left on the back row is Cyril Else (names courtesy Jackie Walker)

First standing row: 9th from left (hatless with hands folded) Herbert Kirk

More names needed –

Photo courtesy of Ken Stinson

Dawbarns staff

Top Row: Stanley Glossop, Norman Smith, Gordon Lynam Jnr, Kenneth Harrison, Percy Bendall, Eddie Brown (person in front not remembered), Harry Weston, George Lynam, Philip Cooper, Allan Bowmer, Gordon Lynam Snr, George Smith & ?

Middle Row: William (Widdy) Radford, Oscar Snow, Bob Tritten, Frank Byard, George Byard, Joe Critchlow, Ted Stinson, Olive Gration (Mrs Siddons), ?, Archie Roe, Bill Lee

Bottom Row: Harry Cooper, Nellie Martin, Lucy Allsop, Doris Taylor (Mrs Walters), Mabel Slack (Mrs Bowlzer), Olive Brown, Ivan Stevenson (kneeling), ? , Jenny Gration, Beaty Byard, Philis Byard (Mrs Disney), Nelie Byard (Mrs Wood), Walter Glossop (standing)

Dawbarns workers c1929
Taken in about 1929

Photo courtesy Peter Walters

Dawbarns workers
Third left is Charlie Newton

Photo courtesy Nellie Bromwell

Dawbarns factory

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