which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.

Fritchley by Keith Clark

These photographs have come from the album of Keith Clark and copied with his permission.

allen lane
Spring in Allen Lane
Fritchley bakery
Old bakery on Allen Lane
Fritchley blacksmith
Old blacksmith shop between Allen Lane and Church Street
blocked tunnel in Fritchley
The junction of Bobbin Mill Hill, Front Street and Chapel Street, under which lies the filled-in tunnel which was on the Butterley mineral line railway
Barnclose Farm in Fritchley
Barnclose Farm with the stump of the old windmill on Thorpe Hill just visible
chestnutbank house in Fritchley
Chestnutbank House, once home to a Quaker school
Church Farm in Fritchley
Church Farm (also known as Fritchley's Farm)
Clammas Corner in Fritchley
Known as Clammas Corner, this was once a shop (demolished in the 1970s) Clammas Corner in Fritchley
This photo (owned by David Siddons) shows the old shop, which was next to the Red Lion, before its demolition
Congregational Chapel in Fritchley
Congregational Chapel on Fritchley Green
Congregational schoolroom
Congregational schoolroom on Chapel Street
Fritchley Stores
Fritchey Stores, which sold everything. Now no more.
Plaque to George Chell
Plaque to George Chell on "Chell Stones" in Fritchley Lane.
He was the millwright who worked on Heage windmill.
Cottages on Kirkham Lane in Fritchley
Cottages on Kirkham Lane.
View from Kirkham Lane
View of the post office from Kirkham Lane.
Kirkham Lane
Kirkham Lane.
Mill Farm in Fritchley
Mill Farm.
Lawn Farm in fritchley
Lawn Farm.
Mutton Row in Fritchley
Mutton Row
Oldest cottage in Fritchley
This is reputed to be the oldest cottage in Fritchley.
Cruck construction, stone mullion windows and bulging walls.
Old Farm in Fritchley
Old Farm on the left and Lawn Farm on the right.
Former Fritchley School
What was once Fritchley C of E Primary School.
Site of Fritchley pig farm
This smallholding, along from Greenfields, was known as the 'pig farm'.
The bungalow has been demolished.
Old Post Office in Fritchley
Post Office bungalow on Front Street built in the early 1800s.
Fritchley Post Office
The Post Office before it closed its doors for the last time. inside Frichley post office
It was more than a Post Office.
Pimitive Chapel in Fritchley
What was once the Primitive Chapel.
Quaker cottages in Fritchley
Quaker Cottages on Chapel Street, once the home of Henry Smith.
Grocery shop in Fritchley
Once a grocery shop on the 1960s and 1970s.
The Green in Fritchley
The Green looking SE towards Lawn Farm and Bowmer Lane.
Toll house near Fritchley
Toll Bar Cottage on Bullbridge Hill.
This was on the turnpike road towards Holloway.Tramtrack in Fritchley
Parish ground on Bobbin Mill Hill showing the old rail track to Butterley Corporation quarry in Crich. The line closed in 1933.
View of Wingfield Manor
View of Wingfield Manor over the Common.
Fritchley village is just to the right.

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