which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

Glebe Terrier 1810

Courtesy of Brian Gibbons

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A Terrier of all the Glebe Lands, Rents, Tythes, Dues & Fees belonging the Vicarage of Crich in the year 1810.

Imprimis, The Vicarage House containing 3 Bays of Building & a Barn or Stable of One Bay; together with a Garden and Fold Yard containing nearly a Rood of Ground; also a Seat or Pew in the Church belonging the Vicarage House and adjoining the Steps going up into the Pulpit. Item — A Messuage, Farm House or Tenement with the Barn & other Appurtenances thereunto belonging situate at Plaistow purchased by the Revd. John Walker Vicar of Crich in the year 1755 with Queen Ann's Bounty & the Money advanced to obtain the same together with several Closes or Pieces of Arable, Meadow and Pasture Land to the same belonging and known by the several Names following as taken from the latest Survey — Nether Field containing 3a. 0r. 6p. — Upper Field 2a. 1r. 0p. — Water Croft 4a. 3r. 15p. — Little Croft 1a. 0r. 29p. — Great Croft 4a. 1r. 18p. — Rushy Piece 1a.3r. 18p. — Meadow 2a. 3r. 9p. also an Allotment on Plaistow Green containing 0a. 3r. 23p. taken out of the Lane by Virtue of the Lea Inclosure Act of Parliament and now added to the aforesaid Upper & Nether Fields. Also an Allotment of one Piece or Parcel of Land lying on the Common called the Edgemoor by Virtue of an Act of Parliament for dividing & inclosing the several Commons or Waste Grounds within the manor of Crich passed in the year 1786 containing One Acre & three Perches Statute measure or thereabouts, bounded on one side by the Edgemoor Road & situated where the said Road branches out into the Road leading to Alfreton near the Dwelling House of William Hartshorn — All which Closes, Lands & Premises aforesaid are now in the Occupation of John Strange at the yearly Rent of Twenty Eight Pounds. — Item An Allotment in Leashaw or Holloway in the Parish of Crich containing 28a. 0r. 31p. by Virtue of an Act of Parliament passed in the year 1776 for dividing & inclosing the several Commons & Waste Grounds within the manor of Lea being in lieu of and in full Satisfaction for the annual Payment, Composition or Modus of Five Pounds, Six Shillings & Eight pence heretofore paid to the Vicar of Crich out of the Manor of Wakebridge;& in lieu of all Manner of Tythes & Easter Dues arising or payable in, upon, or in respect of the said Manor of wakebridge and the Houses, Lands, Tenements & Hereditaments within & belonging to the same — and also in lieu of and in full Satisfaction for all & singular the Vicarial or small Tythes & Easter Dues arising or payable in, upon or in respect of all & every or any the Houses, Lands, Tenements or Hereditaments whatsoever within the said Manor of Lea & Parish of Crich aforesaid, as well inclosed, as those which are by this Act directed to be inclosed. This Allotment is now in the Occupation of William Goodale at the yearly Rent of Fourteen Pounds. — Item Three Pounds a year left by Lady Dixie & now paid by Sir Robert Wilmot of Chaddesden near Derby. One Pound a year due on Christmas Day left by Zacheus [?] Wilcoxon Esquire to be paid out of a Farm in Wheatcroft & now paid by Anthony Street. Sheldon's Pingle Two Shillings & Sixpence yearly due on Good Friday & now paid by Samuel Stocks of Crich. Five Shillings left payable yearly by Edward Lowe of Plaistow in the year 1694 which is lost and has not been paid for some years. Besides these Money Payments there are also 3 Seats or Pews & and half of one in the Church — A Seat in the North-West Corner of the Church now occupied by Thomas Travis; Another on the left Hand going out of the Church into the Belfrey, another adjoining the Pillar nearest the South Door, & half of a Seat or Pew under & adjoining the right Hand Side of the Pulpit. The Vicarial or small Tythes & Easter Dues consist of Flax, Hemp, Pigs, Geese & Eggs. Every Farm House 8d., every Cottage Six pence, Every Man or Woman Communicant above 16 years of Age One Penny. Every Cow that is renewed Three half Pence — Every Cow barren One Penny — Every Foal Two Pence — Every Swarm of Bees Two Pence — The mode of collecting the Tythes for Pigs has been as follows — Five Shillings a year for one Sow to any one compounding — otherwise for every Pig Six Pence — Two Eggs for a Hen or One half-penny & three for the Cock or One Penny — Tythe Geese at Midsummer One half penny each & for Ten Sixpence — — — — — — — — — — —
The Surplice Fees are for Banns publishing One Shilling; for a Marriage by Banns Two Shillings & Six pence; by Licence Five Shillings — for each Purification 8d. — For every Burial in the Church Yard One Shilling and Seven Pence — for every One out of the Parish Double Fees — For every Headstone Two Shillings & Sixpence — For every Tombstone Five Shillings —

Signed Thomas Cornthwaite
Thomas Travis Churchwarden

Transcribed from the original held at Derbyshire Record Office.


Glebe A piece of land serving as part of a clergyman's benefice and providing income.

Terrier An inventory of property or goods; a register of the lands belonging to a land owner. [origin Latin terra]

Tythe (tithe) One tenth of annual produce or earnings taken as a tax for the support of the Church and clergy.

Messuage A house with outbuildings and land

Tenement A piece of land held by an owner; any permanent property, e.g. lands or rents, held from a superior

Hereditament Any item of property that can be inherited

Inclosure or Enclosure The process or policy of enclosing common land so as to make it private property, as carried out in much of Britain in the 18th and early 19th centuries.

The definitions above are taken from the Concise Oxford English Dictionary — 11th Edition

1 acre (a.) = (4840 sq. yards) or 4 roods
1 rood (r.) = (1210 sq. yards or 40 perches
1 perch (p.) = (30.25 sq. yards)

£1 = 20 shillings or 240d. (pence)
1 shilling = 12d. (pence)
2 shillings and six pence (2s. 6d.) = 12½ pence (p.)
6d. = 2½ pence (p.) based on the decimal pound introduced in 1971.

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