This site is all about the parish of Crich, which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.

Plan of St Mary's Church Yard

This aerial view of St Mary's Church shows the positions of the grave plots.

A Plots 1-16 are near the main road side

A Plots16 – 57 are all in the path from the porch to the gate and others are buried under the turf

B Plots 1-65 are at the back of the church near houses

C Plots 1-162 are at the front of the church near the porch and near the War Memorial

D Plots 1-257are at the altar end of the church

E Plots 1-396 follow on from D Plots

F Plots 1-399 follow on from E Plots

aerial photo of church hot spot for C plot burials hot spot for A plot burials hot spot for B plot burials hot spot for D burial plots hot spot for E burial plots hot spot for F burial plots cremation stones cremation stones

Click on a plot to go to those records.


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