which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.

Photo collection of Girl Guides

Miss D. M. Bunting

These photographs are from an album of Miss Dorothy Bunting; who lived at Whatstandwell. She originally joined the organisation as a Brownie in the mid 1920s, rising through the ranks to become the District Commissioner. She was an avid supporter of the Brownies and Girl Guides in the Crich area.

Girl Guides 1930
Duncombe Park, Helmsley 1930
Includes: Ethel Spedding, Margery Bradley, Alice Burkinshaw, Audrey May, Dorothy Bunting, Joan Briggs, Mabel Ullyatt
Guides 1931
Brownies and Guides 1931
Rear: Margaret Hilder, Revd A Wood, Audrey May, Alice Burkinshaw
Centre: Miss Roberts (Brown Owl), Rene Gouke, Mabel Ullyatt, Margery Bradley, Nancy Beale, Mildred Roberts, Joan Briggs, Noreen Cowgill, Mary Dunstan, Dorothy Needham, Dorothy Bunting, Mrs Bunting (Captain)
Front: Edna Bradley, Jean Burton, ? Elizabeth Bunting, Margaret Fearn
Girl Guides 1931
Snettisham Park, Norfolk 1931
Audrey May, Ethel Spedding, Dorothy Needham, Joan Briggs, Dorothy Bunting
Girl Guides

Gristhorpe 1932
Sheila Melling, Joan Briggs, Dorothy Bunting, Joan Stobbs
girl guides
Ethel Spedding, Sheila Melling, Rene Gouke, Joan
Briggs, Audrey May
girl guides
Captain's rest hour
girl guides
Sheila, Joan, Joan, ?
girl guides
Audrey & Captain
girle guides
Guide troop c 1937
girl guides
Captain, Joan Briggs, Dorothy Bunting 1937
girl guides
Ripley. Yorkshire Camp 1937
Girl Guides
Brownies with Brown Owl c 1929
Girl Guides 1931
Girl Guides c 1931
Guide camp c 1932

In the early 1942 Dorothy Bunting joined the Guide International Service (G.I.S.). This was an organisation set up by the Girl Guides Association in Britain in 1942 with the aim of sending to Europe after World War II teams of adult Girl Guides to do relief work. In total 198 Guiders and 60 Scouters served in teams, drawn from Britain, Australia, Canada, Eire and Kenya. They had intensive training for this relief work.

There is a fascinating article written by Piet J. Kroonenberg about the Guide International Service & Scout International Relief Service.
Read the article

G.I.S. training in 1943
Article in the New York Times 28 Dec 1943
From the "Illustrated" 1943
Map reading Skills
New York Times 1943
Guides with trek cart
Pulling the trek cart
New York Times 1943
Guides 1943
Out-door cooking (Dorothy on the right)
New York Times 1943

A sad postscript to this is that after all the training and just before posting to undertake the relief work Dorothy was forbidden to go by the Education Authorities. She was a trained teacher and her skills were needed in the local schools.

Unknown date: Brownies at Cromford (Evelyn Stamp, Brown Owl)
Dorothy, when Guide Commissioner, presenting award to Sheila Stockton
Top School room, Crich
Joan Cumberland is the other adult
1952: note scouts wearing black armbands – death of King George VI
Guides 1952 Dorothy, as Guide Commissioner, presenting first-class award to Joan Hurd(who went on to becomes a Queen's Scout) Other guides L to R: Joyce Lynam, Aileen Taylor, Margarted Dowler
Top School room, Crich

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