which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.

Inquisition of George Radford dated 1604

Transcribed by Peter Foden and reproduced with the permission of Terry Radford

National Archives C 142/409/100. Transcribed and Latin text translated by Peter Foden, September 2011.

This was delivered to the Court on the 24th day of November in the second year of the reign of King James by the hand of [blank] Chaworth Esquire [1604]

Indented Inquest taken at Derby on the nineteenth day of September in the first year of our Lord King James by the Grace of God of England Scotland France and Ireland King, defender of the faith, etc., and in his 37th year [as King of] Scotland [1603], before Nicholas Low Esquire the Escheator of the said Lord the King in the aforesaid county by virtue of his office after the death of George Radford late of Crich in the aforesaid county, yeoman, deceased, by the oaths of William Lee of Eckington, gentleman, Francis Cutloue, gentleman, Francis Meynell, gentleman, John Richardson, William Smith of Quarne, John Agard, Ralph Burton, John Gregson, William Fowler, William Meriman, Francis Brookshaw and George Cockaine, approved and lawful sworn men , who say upon their oath that the aforesaid George Radford was during his life seised in his demesne as in fee of and in one messuage with appurtenances in Crich aforesaid in which the same George at the time of his death was dwelling and also of and in all and singular the lands tenements and hereditaments to the same messuage belonging or occupied or used with the same and the same George, being thus thereof seised did make his will in writing on the seventh day of August in the 41st year of the reign of Elizabeth late Queen of England [1599], shown in evidence by the aforesaid sworn men, with the hand and seal of that same George sealed and subscribed, bearing date of the same day and year last aforesaid, by the same will he did will and bequeath among other things just as follows in these English words

And as towching my will & disposition of my Freehould & Fesimple [fee simple, i.e. heritable] lanes I the said George Radford doe of purpose & advisedly annexe the declaracion of my mynd therein to the premisses viz First for the better confirmacion of my former actes & determinacion concerninge the inioying [enjoying] thereof after my decease I doe hereby & herein give will devise bequeath & appoint to Elizabeth now my Wiffe all my messuage houses garden Orchard backsides Yardes Croftes closes landes tenementes & hereditamentes except certaine landes & Buttes lyeing under tofthill called the overpeece under tofthill in Crich aforesaid which I devise give & intend to build an Almshouse upon to be assured as Councell learned shall devise with all commons Commodities profittes & appurtenances to the same Messuage belonging & appertaining within the towne precinctes & liberties of Chrich aforesaid now in the tenure or occupacion of me the said George or my assignees for & during so long time as she the said Elizabeth my Wiffe shall keepe herselfe unmaried & in my name for & towards the Maintenaunce of her the same Elizabeth and the good & vertuos educacion keeping & bringing up of Rosamund being the daughter & heire of Peter Poole & Anne the eldest daughter of the said Georg all deceased with good wholsome necessarie & convenient meate drinke lodging & all other necessarie thinges excepte apparell for & during & untill the said Rosamund shall be of the full age of twentie one yeares yf the same Rosamund shall excepte thereof And the revercion & remainders of all & singuler the said Freehould messuag houses landes tenementes & premises in Crich aforesaid after the death or Marriage of my said Wiffe whechersoever shall soner happen I the said Georg doe hereby & herein give will devise & bequeath unto the said Rosamund & to the heires of her bodie lawfully begotten & to be begotten and for lacke of such yssue the remainder thereof to the Right heires of Thomas Radford my brother for ever

And the aforesaid sworn men furthermore say that the aforesaid messuage and all and singular the other premises in Crich aforesaid are held of the said Lord the King and at the time of the death of the same George were held of the late Lady the Queen as of her manor of East Greenwich in free Socage by fealty alone and are worth annually five marks, And that the same George Radford died, seised in his demesne in fee of and in all and singular the aforesaid messuage and other premises, in Crich aforesaid on the thirtieth day of November last past [1602] before the holding of this Inquest at Crich aforesaid, And that the aforesaid Rosamund Poole, daughter and heiress of Anne, the firstborn deceased daughter of this George, is a kinswoman and one heiress of this George, [and] is of the age of sixteen years and upwards at the time of holding this Inquest. And that the wife of George Wilson or John Wyld and [is?] daughter and another heiress of the same George and is of the age of thirty years and upwards at the time of holding this inquest. And that the aforesaid Elizabeth the widow and late the wife of the same George still lives and is in full life at Crich aforesaid . And that the aforesaid George Radford at the time of his death did not have any other or more lands or tenements in the aforesaid county except divers customary lands and tenements held by copy of court roll as far as the aforesaid sworn men could say. In witness of which to one copy of this Inquest remaining with the foreman of the jury the aforesaid Escheator has affixed his seal, and to the other copy remaining with the aforesaid Escheator both the aforesaid Escheator and the aforesaid sworn men have affixed their seals on the day and year abovesaid.


William Leighe
Francis Cortlove
Raphe Burton
John Richardsone
Francis Mennill
George Cokayne
Francis Brucshawe
Nicholas Low escheator
In the presence of me, John Bullocke


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