which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.

CRICH in Kelly's Directory (1908)

Transcribed by Peter Patilla

CRICH is an ancient town, a beautiful and extensive parish, one mile north-east from Whatstandwell station on the Manchester main line of the Midland railway, 4 west-by-south from Alfreton, 4½ north from Belper, and 144 from London, in the Mid division of the county, hundred of Morleston and Litchurch, Belper union and petty sessional division, Alfreton county court district and rural deanery, archdeaconry of Derby and diocese of Southwell. The railway and the Cromford canal pass along the south-western border of the parish, and the line from Ambergate to the north also bounds the parish on the south-east. The Ilkeston and Heanor Joint Water Board have constructed extensive water reservoirs at Chadwick, Crich, to supply the Borough of Ilkeston and Heanor Town with water by gravitation. The extensive works of the Derwent Valley Water Board, in this parish, are still (1908) in course of construction. The church of St. Michael, standing on a commanding height, is a building of stone, in mixed styles, partly Norman, and consists of chancel, clerestoried nave of three bays, aisles, and a western tower with spire, containing a clock and 5 bells, dating from 1620: the monuments include several to the Dixie family, and others to the Poles of Wakebridge, lords of the manor of that name, one of whom was falconer to Henry VII. : there is also a memorial with a most curious epitaph to a member of the Clay family, and an inscribed stone slab to Anthony Babington esq. of Dethick, who, with 13 others, engaged in a conspiracy to assassinate Queen Elizabeth, and raise the country in favour of Mary Queen of Scots, then imprisoned in Wingfield Manor; but the plot being discovered, the conspirators were arrested and executed at Tyburn, 20 and 21 Sept. 1586: there are five memorial stained windows: the church plate is dated 1712: the church affords about 500 sittings. The registers date from the year 1601. The living is a vicarage, net yearly value £255, with residence, in the gift of five trustees, and held since 1905 by the Rev. Joseph Martyn Simmons M.A. of Christ's College, Cambridge, who is patron of the livings of the adjoining parishes of Tansley and Wessington. The mission church at Fritchley, one mile south-east, built in 1870 by Miss Elizabeth Hurt, is also used as a day school: it was enlarged in 1874, and affords, about 150 sittings. The Baptist chapel, at Crich, a building of stone, with a clock, was erected in 1877, and has sittings for 200 persons. The United Methodist chapel was built in 1864, and there are also chapels belonging to this sect at Crich Carr and Wheatcroft, and Primitive Methodist chapels at Crich, erected in 1853, Crich Carr, Fritchley, erected in 1852, and at Morewood Moor. There is a Congregational chapel at Fritchley, erected in 1840, with 150 sittings, and the Society of Friends have a Meeting House here. In the village is an ancient stone market cross (restored in 1871), the upper part of which includes a group of St. Michael overcoming the Dragon. The market is held weekly on Friday. Fairs for sheep and cattle are held on the 6th of April and nth of October. The inhabitants are principally employed in the adjacent quarries, which produce limestone and gritstone of a superior quality, a large quantity being sent to London and other parts. Lea mills and other industrial centre in the neighbourhood also give employment to many, and the manufacture of hosiery by hand was formerly carried on to a very considerable extent. The Butterley Company have extensive quarries at Crich and lime kilns at Bull Bridge; at Ambergate are the limeworks of the Clay Cross Company, and at Whatstandwell are the gritstone quarries, the property of the Duke of Devonshire P.C. The reading, room is a stone building, erected in 1887, at a cost of £300. Chase Cliffe, erected in 1859, is a handsome mansion of stone, pleasantly situate in grounds tastefully laid out, and is the property of A. F. Hurt esq. but is now occupied by Mrs. Mansel-Jones. A yearly sum of £6 12s. 11d. from the Rev. Francis Gisborne's Charity, is received by the vicar and churchwardens, and laid out in the purchase of flannel for the poor. In 1562 John Kirkland left £2 yearly to the poor of this parish for ever, which is distributed on St. Thomas' day. Sim's Charity, a benefaction of recent date, amounts to about £50, and is distributed so as to promote religious education. Emma Hurt's charity amounts to about £40 yearly; Cornthwaite's charity, left in 1838, amounts to £4 1s. 8d. yearly for clothing; Cooper's, of £1 3s. 8d. left in 1853, is distributed in money; Wright's charity amounts to £16 5 s. 8d. yearly, and is given to regular attendants at church. The charities for the township of Wessington amount to upwards of £7 yearly, payable from the charities of Crich. Miss Elizabeth Hurt left £1,000, invested in Consols, the interest of which is to augment the living of the vicar; also £1,000 invested in Consols, the interest of which is to be distributed by the vicar and churchwardens to 4 old parishioners, each to receive 2s 6d. a week; and £1,000 invested in Consols, the interest of which is to go towards the support of a trained parish nurse. On Crich Stand, which has an elevation of upwards of 950 feet above the level of the sea, is a circular tower, 50 feet in height, erected in 1851, on the site of a former tower, by Francis Hurt esq. of Alderwasley (d. 1861) : in 1902 this tower was struck by lightning and has since been closed to the public. On July 6th, 1882, a considerable landslip occurred which reached nearly to the base of the tower and demolished four houses. Francis Cecil Albert Hurt esq. of Alderwasley, is the chief landowner, and there are several small free-holders. The Duke of Devonshire P.O. is also a landowner. The soil is loamy; subsoil, gritstone and lime- stone. The land is chiefly in pasturage. The area of the township is 3,498 acres of land and 33 of water; assessable value, £14,497; the population in 1901 was 3,063, and of the ecclesiastical parish, 3,232.

FRITCHLEY is a village, 1 mile south-east, with a mission church, and has an excellent supply of pure spring water. Coddington, half a mile west; Bull Bridge, 1½ miles south; Plaistowe Green, 1 mile north; and Wheatcroft, 2 miles north, are hamlets. Crich Carr and Whatstandwell are also places here. Crich Carr is that portion, of the parish near Whatstandwell railway station, and is increasing in population.

Post, M. & T. 0., S. B. & A. & I. Office.—Miss Mary Ann Higton, sub-postmistress. Letters arrive through Matlock Bath at 6.45 a.m. & 3.45 p.m. ; dispatched at 10 a.m. & 6.40 p.m. week days only; no sunday delivery

Post & M. 0. 0., S. B. & I. & A. Office, Whatstandwell. —John Bowmer, sub-postmaster. Letters arrive from Matlock Bath at 6.20 a.m. & 3.15 p.m. ; dispatched at 11 a.m. & 7 p.m. Whatstandwell Railway station, which is open on week days only, is the nearest telegraph office

Post & M. 0. 0., S. B. & A. & I. Office, Fritchley.— James Lynam, sub-postmaster. Letters through Derby, via Ambergate, arrive at 7.30 a.m. & 4.45 p.m.; dispatched at 9.45 a.m. & 6.20 p.m. ; no sunday delivery. Crich, 1 mile distant, is the nearest telegraph office

Wall Letter Boxes.—Bull Bridge, cleared at 10 a.m. & 6.40 p.m. week days only; Crich Carr, cleared at 6 p.m. week days only; The Common, 6.25; near the Church, 6.10 & Whatstandwell Bridge, cleared at 11.15 a.m. & 7 p.m. ; sun. 6.5 p.m.

Public Elementary Schools
Crich (mixed), erected in 1848, for 300 children; average attendance, 180; Charles William Nash, master.

Crich, erected in 1884-5, for 260 children; average attendance, mixed, 150; infants, 55; Heyworth Dyson, master.

Crich Carr, erected by the vicar in 1884 & enlarged in 1894, for 120 children; average attendance, 68; Lewis H. Griffith, master

Fritchley, erected in 1870 as a mission church & school & enlarged in 1874 by the addition of an infants' school room, & again enlarged in 1894; it will hold 190 children; average attendance, 144; Ernest Gee, master

Friends', Fritchley; Edward Watkins, master; Miss Jane Sadler, mistress

Railway Station, Whatstandwell, Harry Smith Dawes, station master


Bower Samuel, Rose cottage
Briggs Joseph, West Leigh
Coupe George, Grove house
Dunn Mrs. The Tors
Hancock Mrs. Crich common
King Harry, Home house
Lee John Isaac, Sheldon house
Macdonald George Godfrey M.D., J.P
Mansel-Jones Mrs. Chase Cliffe (letters
through Whatstandwell)
Nash Charles William, Tor view
Parkin Rev. James Thos. (curate)
Radford Joseph
Rankin Henry Joseph M.B., C.M.Glas
Sayles Frederick, Tor view
Simmons Rev. Joseph Martyn M.A.
(vicar), The Vicarage
Stacey John, The Bungalow
Stanton Rev. George Walter (Cong)
Watkins Misses, Crich common

Ashby Susan (Mrs.), farmer, Carr
farm, Wheatcroft
Barnes Frederick, grocer, Wheatcroft
Bingham Jane (Mrs.),frmr.Edge frm
Birch Ernest Wilfred, saddler & har-
ness maker
Boag Henry Basil, agent for the Clay
Cross Co.'s Cliffe quarries
Bowmer Jas. Jovial Dutchman P.H
Bradley's, clothiers
Brocklehurst Henry, slater & farmer,
Dimple house
Brown Arthur, shopkeeper
Brown David Matthew,BlackSwan htl
Brown George, boot maker
Burton Maria (Mrs.), farmer, The
Butterley Co. (The) (John P. Hamil-
ton, mgr.) ; quarries, Hill quarries
Clay Cross Company's Cliffe Quarries
(Henry Basil Boag, agent)
Cook Thomas, Chuckstone
Cotton Robert, farmer, Plaistow
Crich Reading Room (H. Dyson, sec)
Critchlow Thos. Isaac, farmer, Edgmr
Crooks Sherbrooke, farmer, Plaistow
Dakin Thomas, farmer, The Bower
Dakin Walter, farmer, Wheatcroft
Dawes Abraham, paperhanger
Dawes Robert, draper
Denny John, grocer
Denny Lucy (Mrs.), frmr.Church frm
Derwent Valley Water Board
(G. Cooper Drabble, resident engineer)
Dore Samuel, farmer, Plaistow
Fantom Arthur, boot & shoe maker
Fouldes Daniel, farmer, Plaistow
Gaunt Samuel, farmer, Glebe farm
Gibbons Daniel, farmer, Wheatcroft
Gretton Benj. farmer, Wheatcroft
Hallam Walter, shopkeeper
Hartshorn John, farmer,Plaistow grn
Haynes Bros, builders & contractors
Haynes John, jun. aparts.The Mount
Henshaw Arthur, painter
Higton Mary Ann (Miss), stationer,
Post office
Hill Edwin Nathaniel, news agent
Holmes Samuel, shopkeeper
Hopkinson J. (Mrs.), frmr.Wheatcroft
Jenkinson Joseph, farmer, Plaistow


Lee Bros, grocers & general drapers,
& agents for W. & A. Gilbey Lim.
wine & spirit mers. Victoria house
Lynam Thomas, Rising Sun P.H
Lynam Wm. farmer, Moorwood moor
Macdonald Geo. Godfrey M.D., CM.
surgeon & medical officer & public
vaccinator Crich, Lea & Holloway
district, Belper union
Marshall Frank, farmer, Lea moor
Marshall Margaret (Mrs.), farmer,
Plaistow green
Martin William, hair dresser
Mellors George, boot repairer
Mercer Alfred, chemist & grocer
Noble John, farmer, Spring farm
Oldknow Henry, grocer
Parr's Bank Limited (sub-branch to
Belper); opened tues. & fri. 11 a.m.
to 2 p.m.; draw on head office, Bar-
tholomew lane, London E C
Perry Charles, shopkeeper
Perry Rose, Greyhound P.H
Platts George, farmer, Parkhead
Radford John, farmer, Hollins farm
Radford Thos. farmer, Cotton farm,
Rankin Hy. Joseph M.B., C.M.Glas.
physician & surgeon
Ripley Provident Industrial & Co-
operative Society Ltd. (branch)
Rollinson Joseph, grocer & farmer
Ross Ellen Evangeline (Mrs.), dress
maker, Crich common
Sims Albert, draper &c
Slack Henry, farmer & carter,Hill top
Smith Ann (Mrs.), butcher & farmer
Smith John Cornelius, butcher
Smith Joseph Roe, wheelwright &
Smith Samuel, Bull's Head P.H
Southern Charles William, chemist
Street Joshua, Cliff inn
Sulley Joseph, greengrocer,Market pi
Taylor John, joiner
Taylor Thos. farmr.Rock Terrace frm
Taylor Vaughan, butcher & farmer,
The Mansion
Thorpe Thomas, farmer, Plaistow hall
Tomlinson Alex.frmr Crich Cross frm
Turner John, farmer, Wheatcroft
Twigg George, farmer, Chase
Wetton Thomas, carter
Willgoose William, King's Arms P.H
Williamson Thomas, farmer, Plaistow
Willmot Charles, blacksmith
Wilton John, farmer,Wakebridge farm
Worthy John, shopkeeper
Yates John, grocer


Marked thus * are Coddington.
Marked thus ✝ are Crich Carr.
Without a mark are Whatstandwell.

✝Bannister Arthur, Sunnyside
Bunting Joseph, Inn bank
Cowlishaw Frederick, Derwent villa
Cowlishaw Thos. Wm. Derwent villa
Kirk William, Cliff villa
Mansel-Jones Mrs. Chase cliffe
Mart John, Derwent villa
Mason Charles, jun
Smith Ernest Le Blanc


✝Taylor Edward, Carr cottage
✝Ward Mrs. Ludway bank

*Barber Joseph, farmer
Bryan John, farmer, Bent hill
Bunting Charles, blacksmith
Caudwell Wm. farmer,Thurlow booth
Dawbarn Yelverton Brothers, steam
joinery works & moulding mills,
Green J. & Co. apartments
Hinds Thomas, Wheatsheaf P.H
Merchant John, coal merchant
Mountney Herbert, Derwent commer-
cial hotel & posting house
Peacock Ann & J. (Misses), drapers
Peacock William, grocer
Rackstraw Harry C. coal merchant
Sanders John E. butcher
Sims Anthony, farmer
Turner William, farmer
Wadsworth Walter, shopkeeper
*Yates Walter, farmer

(Postal address, via Ambergate).

Else Charles Joseph, Bull Bridge
Evans Walter, Bull Bridge
Hamilton John Pakenham
Parkin John J
Sargent Miss, Fernside
Slack Mrs. Beech ho. Bull Bridge
Wake Henry Thomas, Chestnut bank
Winson Mrs. Bull Bridge

Ambergate, Crich, Bull Bridge &
Fritchley Gas Light & Coke Co.
Limited (John Thomas Lee, sec. ;
Alfred James Green, manager);
works, Bull Bridge
Blackham Thomas, grocer
Booth Charles, farmer, Wingfield
Park farm
Booth Lawrence, farmer, Mount
Pleasant farm
Bowmer John, farmer
Bowmer Thomas, farmer
Butterley Company's Quarries & Lime
Works Lim. (John Pakenham Hamil-
ton, agent). Bull Bridge
Cooke George, farmer
Davidson Thomas, grocer, draper &c
Derbyshire Jesse,farmr. BarnClose frm
Else Charles Joseph, farmer & land-
owner, Bull Bridge
Fletcher Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper
Fritchley William, farmer
Lock Hy. Lord Nelson P.H.BullBridge
Lynam Frederick J. Red Lion P.H
Lynam James, shopkeeper & boot
maker, Post office
Lynam Saml. farmer, Wingfield park
Marriot George, boot & shoe maker
Radford Joseph, farmer, Fritchley
Radford Samuel, farmer
Radford William W. Canal inn,
Bull Bridge
Rowe Henrietta (Mrs.), beer retailer
Stevenson Francis & Co. dyers &
cleaners, Bull Bridge
Wake Henry Thomas, dealer in anti-
quities, Chestnut bank
Watkins Edwd. & Co. bobbin manu-
facturers, Bull Bridge
Williamson William, farmer


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